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Can a sperm donor be forced to pay child support?

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No, Anyone willing to be the mother of a donated specimen's child is not entitled to child support. The laws that support such cases are for the protection of those who donate sperm. The key word here is "donate". Generally those who become mothers through a sperm bank have a financially stable background. Usually a Father figure that cannot produce enough sperm himself is along for the ride as well. The only people that you can sue for child support are those that have signed the birth certificate of the child. Sperm banks do not release the information of the donor's.

This is not exactly clear in that case law has not been established nor have appeal courts ruled on all the facets of this complicated issue. While in states that have established protection for sperm donors who have anonymity, later court action demanding child support for the sperm donor would be unlikely to succeed as long as anonymity was still in place. However, there are sperm donor banks that reveal the father's identity, a few even before the age of 18. The donor's subsequent relationship with the offspring could negate any protection provided by statue. For example, if a donor assumed a close relationship with the child, accepted the title of Daddy, and provided some financial support, regardless of regularity support, the Courts may well be inclined to rule in favor of the donor's role in future child support actions. A donor's relationship to the offspring he creates can well overcome any statute when he voluntarily decides to take on the role or approximate the role of "Daddy".

This is not something unknown in well established case law. The so called "milkman rule" certifies this. A husband suspicious of his wife's philandering, nonetheless, assumed the role of Dad for a child that was born to his wife. Years later when the child was 8 years old the couple divorced and the father, suspicious of his fatherhood, was able to prove in court he was not the genetic father. Nonetheless, he was ordered to pay child support. Whether your name as sperm donor appears on that child's birth certificate is not near as important as what role you play in that child's life. As is often the case, in law, no good deed will go unpunished.

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What parental rights do I have as a sperm donor?

Sperm Donor Parental Rights are almost never agreed on by any two courts. Most sperm donors give up their rights or obligations as any sort of parent once they have donated, but most states agree to the same terms when the sperm donor is not the recipient's husband. These terms state that the donor has no right, with respect to the child born as a result of the artificial insemination; and the child, in turn, has no right or interest with respect to the donor. If you are, in fact, the husband, the court may rule you as the rightful father of the child born. The key to distinction in most states is whether or not you are labeled as a "true sperm donor" under a licensed physician. "Informally" donating your sperm may not protect you from child support payments or protect the parents from allowing you parental or visitation rights. Everytime you donate sperm, you should make sure you are doing it through a licensed physician to prevent such issues. If you don't know the person who the sperm was donated to yo

Can Lesbians Have Kids?

Lesbians can adopt kids or have a child with the help of a sperm donor.

Can 0 positive parents have an AB child?

No. Not if they are the biological parents. This could only happen with a donor egg AND donor sperm...or adoption :)

What is the process of atrificial insemination?

Artificial insemination (AI) is the process by which sperm is placed into the reproductive tract of a female for the purpose of impregnating the female by using means other than sexual intercourse. In humans, it is used as assisted reproductive technology, primarily to treat infertility using sperm from the woman's partner, or sperm from a sperm donor (donor sperm) where the male partner produces no sperm. It is also increasingly used to enable women without a male partner (i.e., single women and lesbians) to produce children by using donor sperm. In cases where donor sperm is used the woman is the gestational and genetic mother of the child produced, and the sperm donor is the genetic or biological father of the child.

how can i get paid to be a sperm donor?

Go to a sperm bank and tell them you wish to donate how can i get paid to be a sperm donor?

If a 16 year old gets pregnant and drops out of school does a parent still have to pay child support in PA?

The parents would still be legally bound to provide for the wayward child and her child until 18. The sperm donor would be required to pay child support.School is a non issue.

Known Donor Insemination Agreement?

Get StartedThe Known Donor Insemination Agreement is an agreement between the biological mother and the sperm donor, clarifying each party's intentions and stating desires regarding future contact with the child.When a woman finds a donor through a sperm bank, she does not need a donor agreement. Typically this man will have signed an agreement with the sperm bank and surrendered any parental rights in the process.In contrast, when a woman wishes to become pregnant through a known donor, such as a friend or an acquaintance, there is a greater risk that the donor may later claim a parental relationship to the child. In such situations, attorneys highly recommend that a woman consult an attorney and that both she and the prospective donor sign a donor agreement before she begins the process of donor insemination. This agreement is designed to define the role and responsibilities, if any, the man will have in the insemination process and with the child.

How do I become a sperm donor?

There are clinics that offer services to become a sperm donor, but you must be tall and hansome.

How does one become a sperm donor?

You can become an sperm donor for contacting the sperm banks nearest to you; banks require that you are within 1 hour conmute from them.

How do you get the sperm from the donor?

ask a veterinarian.

How sperm collect through donor?

Donor's collect sperm by masturbating and collecting sperm in a container.

Was jerry Garcia a sperm donor?


Can you get pregnant without the penis?

sperm donor ? ?

How do you get pregnant when you are a lesbian?

A lesbian can be artificially inseminated with sperm from a chosen sperm donor.

Can a woman get a pregnancy injection With out having a sperm donor?

Nope, no sperm no baby.

How do you never get pregnant naturally?

to artificailly get pregnant you can go to a sperm bank and choose a donor. to artificailly get pregnant you can go to a sperm bank and choose a donor.

where is there a sperm donor clinic in or around lufkin tx area?

The only sperm donor bank in Texas is at the Baylor College of Medicine in Houston TX.

What are the release dates for Style Exposed - 2011 Sperm Donor?

Style Exposed - 2011 Sperm Donor was released on: USA: 28 September 2011

Will I be charged if I do donate my sperm I'm 23 years old I weight 147 ?

No, you shouldn't be charged to be a sperm donor. If you qualify (have a high sperm count, good genetics, no communicable diseases and otherwise healthy) you can be paid well to be a sperm donor.

What would happen if you gave a sperm donor then got a sex change into a woman and took the sperm donor back and used it?

I guess you would have a child exactly like you! Maybe even twins! I don't actually think anyone has ever tried this but maybe sometime they will and then you can find out the answer. Hope my answer was useful!

What age is it when you can meet your sperm donor dad?


Can medicad pay for sperm donor cost?

No, Medicaid does not pay for sperm donation in any way.

Does it cost to get sperm injection to get pregnant?

Yes if you are using donor sperm you either get it from someone you know or you pay for donor sperm. If done in a doctors office there will also be a charge for the procedure of artificial insemination - the doctor will place the sperm in the uterus using a thin tube.

Does the father have to pay back Medicaid after birth?

when i filed for child support, and my sons "sperm donor" was required to pay child support, he also was required to pay back medicaid, wic etc.. i believe he is only paying 50$ a month. but the loser got lucky cuz my son was only on medicaid for about 4 months. But as far as i know, yes.. they do have to pay it back.

What do lesbian's use to get pregnant?

lesbians can't get pregnant. they only can if they have sex with a guy :L yes u can if somebody donates their sperm {sperm donor} then u will have a baby that will look like the sperm donor lol it's weird a sperm donor n lesbian wudd go to the doctor n they wudd transfer the eggs n all that stuff inside the lesbian's body sooo wen the lesbian is due it wont look like her it will look like the sperm donor