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You can sue the interloper for what's called "tortious interference." It's been done successfully recently. (Recently for me is anything in the last ten years.) Basically, the idea is this: Persons A and B have a contract. Person C comes along and impels A to violate or break his contract with B. B sues C for tortious interference.

2006-08-04 04:55:55
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What are common causes of divorce?

The woman and the man have fallen out of love. The man or woman had an affair. They change. Money worries. Change of perspective on life. Children. Emoness and douchebaggery.

What are the leading causes of divorce?

Money and abandonment.

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Divorce can be an advantage when a relationship causes distress for one or both partners. Divorce can free both parties and allow them to sever painful ties.

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Money can be one of the most common causes of conflict in the family. Divorce rates show that it is one of the top causes.

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Yes. Divorce causes a huge amount of stress for everyone involved. As a stressor divorce is right up at the top of the list along with death of a family member and loss of job or home.

If the wife is having an affair and the husband files for divorce is the custody of the children at risk for the wife?

Regardless of what causes the breakdown of a marriage, both parents have equal rights to their children. One parent having an affair doesn't necessarily put their children in danger, nor does it make them a bad parent. Making a bad choice that negatively affects the marriage doesn't change the fact that you are both responsible for your children and have rights to them.

What is the divorce procedure in Zimbabwe?

Zimbabwe divorce law is governed by the Matrimonial Causes Act which was enacted in 1986. The procedure of divorce is quite similar to that of the United States in that it must be taken through the Zimbabwe court system to be finalized.

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The causes are: 1. fighting issues The effects are: 1.losing your husband or wife 2.trauma on children

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Why i Had affair got divorced?

If you had an affair, your spouse must have had a very broken heart, and can not love you again, or trust you. what you do for pleasure with someone other than your spouse causes your spouse a great deal of pain, that's why it is usually frowned upon.

What is something a celebrity might do that causes paparazzi to bother them more?

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Causes to sue a third party in a divorce?

If you're talking about an ALIENATION OF AFFECTION lawsuit, most states have abolished that law.

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