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While nose jobs are performed on people of all ages, most plastic surgeons do not perform nose jobs before the age of 16 for girls and 18 for boys. Plastic surgeons usually wait for facial growth to be complete before performing a nose job on a teenager.

Why would a teenage want or need a nose job? Self-image and appearance are very important to teenagers. Images in magazines and on television have increased the pressure for teens to look like Hollywood actors and actresses. Most plastic surgeons agree that teenagers should wait to get plastic surgery, unless they had cosmetic trauma to the nose (which impacts the proportion of the nose to the rest of the face) or the function is impaired. Even still, parents should talk to their teen about their concerns and try to address their real issues, such as fitting-in and looking good compared to their peers, before they consider a nose job. If a nose job is necessary, make sure you have researched the benefits and risks with a plastic surgeon. Also consider using a surgeon that works with children frequently and relates well to your child. Consult your family doctor for a referral.

Additional things to consider:

* Is the problem cosmetic or functional? A cosmetic issue may be eliminated after some additional growing. A functional issue, like a deviated septum, may require the procedure. Discuss your options with your surgeon.

  • Is your teen seeking approval and perfection? Your child may not be a good candidate for a nose job. One procedure may not be enough and they may continue to seek out perfection by considering other cosmetic procedures.
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Q: Can a teenager get a nose job?
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