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Cosmetic surgery is a medical technique that focuses on the correction of a physical abnormality and on the improvement of the normal physical features. Common cosmetic procedures include breast and buttock augmentation, lip enhancement and laser skin resurfacing.

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Answers with Dr. Randal Haworth?

What's next for Dr. Randal Haworth? NightLift! By addressing the specific gravitational forces imposed upon the breasts with recumbency and side-sleeping, NightLift helps keep your breasts youthful and perky while playing it's part to help prevent the need for a breast lift with its attendant scars in the future. By keeping the top breast separated from the bottom, it also helps prevent the formation of the vertical décolleté chest wrinkles. NightLift was designed for maximum comfort...
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What is the fastest and easiest way to get a big butt?

How to Get a Big Butt So, here's what's worked for millions that I've seen: sit on it a lot and eat a whole bunch of fattening food. You will certainly have a big behind before you know it! This is terrible advice when it comes to your health, but it is a fast and easy way to get what you are looking for. Here are more opinions and answers from other contributors: Don't eat a bunch of junk because it's not healthy...
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How much does a tummy tuck cost?

The average tummy tuck performed by a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon will cost between $5,000 and $10,000. The price ranges due to the variations in patients and surgical techniques involved. To simplify, some people merely have a protuberant belly and require what plastic surgeons call a mini-abdominoplast. Other patients require extensive work, like those patients who have undergone gastric bypass surgery and now have excessive loose skin. Others still may have moderate to severe abdominal muscle laxity and when the surgery involves the...
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How much is hydrogel butt injections?

Hydro gel can range from $300 per cc to $600 cc a nice average size shapely butt would be around $1400 ...
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How do you lessen a bump on the forehead if a child falls?

I'm a paramedic, the best way to lessen a bump is to hold a cold cloth/compress on it for as long as the child will let you. watch for drowsiness and vomiting signs of a concussion. The quicker you put a cold compress on the bump, the better. As a childcare provider, I find the quickest thing is to grab a bag of frozen peas or the like from the freezer, wrap in a small towel and apply to bump as...
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Can you get injections to make your butt bigger?

you can travel to argentina and get this done, along with a 2 week hotel stay for less than USD 9000. Those injections are illegal in the US and in many countries because are not proven safe. After a while the filler injected can migrate and deform you. Fillers are not yet suitable for large areas, only for small areas. Of course there is always someone willing to inject and someone willing to get it but you risk permanent deformity and...
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How can you make your lips look bigger?

Here are some suggestions: Use a Lip Enlargement device - the results are incredible if you use the device properly. For a cheaper lip plumper, try Sally Hansen Lip Inflation-dermatologist tested, $8 Line your bottom lip with a liner 2 shades darker than the color of your lip gloss. Put lip gloss over your lip line slightly. Lip-gloss makes them stand out so they look plumper, or you can buy plumping lip-gloss, they work but usually around $10. Well if you outline your lip in...
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How much do butt implants cost?

It depends on the country where you have that surgery done. Never less than $ 2.000 USD and usually about $3.500 up to $7.500 in countries with a good level of cosmetic surgeons and facilities. ...
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What is the problem if you inject acepromazine and xylazine inject in horse?

No problem if medications are used on healthy horses at the correct dosage for their route Vet schools and "books" will recommend against using "ace" stating it can cause "priapism" in males. Never seen it in 40 years of practice, nor have I heard of any other vet who's had it be a problem It's a good combination, especially if you can't afford detomidine and need a sedative to act longer than the xylazine alone ...
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How do you reduce breast size without cosmetic surgery?

== == * If a person is over weight and goes on a healthy diet then yes, this can certainly reduce breast size. If the person in question is not over weight and has large breasts then breast reduction surgery is the only option. This problem should be discussed with your doctor. Large breasts can cause many problems such as: *# Upper back pain *# Neck pain *# Shoulder pain *# Breast pain *# Rashes under the breasts *# Shoulder grooving...
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Is there a shot out there to make your butt bigger?

Hydrogel butt and breast Injections kits for sale FOR BREAST, BUTTOCK, GENITAL AND WHOLE BODY SHAPING INSTANTLY! BUTTOCKS INJECTIONS...A KILLER REAR IN ABOUT AN HOUR The Price list is as follow $600 for 250 CC (125cc for each cheek) $1200 for 500CC (250cc for each cheek) $1800 for 750CC (375cc for each cheek) The price for 1000ml (20 x 50ml) is USD $2500 including shipping cost. Hydrogel can increase or change the size of these areas: 1. Upper buttock 2. Middle buttock 3. Lower buttock 4. Hip expansion 5....
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What is the best hospital in the world for hand surgery?

I have been going to the same hand doctor for many years now and wouldn't change him for anything.I even drive over an hour since I moved but he is the best. I refer him to everyone i know. Hand Surgical Center of Louisiana: Dr. Eric George 504-454-2191 Metairie,La ...
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How can you make your lips bigger without any type of surgery or makeup?

a good way for a temporary plump would be to use a old toothbrush with rustled brushes and exfoliate your lips. cover them with vaseline first and wait for the vaseline to sit before exfoliating. be careful not to do this too hard as your lips are delicate. make sure your lips are NOT CHAPPED and apply moisture thru chapstick or vaseline (not lipstick/gloss!!!)to your lips immediately after exfoliating. lipstick and gloss will dry out your lips even more so you'd have...
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How do get your skin lighter?

If you have a heredity of dark skin color, then no product or tips could give you lighter skin color. But there are some daily routines and precautions that can give you more fair, healthy and fresh skin. Don't experiment any new product on your skin without recommendation. Take 2 or 3 days in a week total boiled food. Avoid total junk foods. Reduce maximum quantity of oil and fat from your diet. Reduce numbers of cup for tea or coffee. Drink plenty of water. Use...
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Should cosmetic surgery be covered by insurance?

Some Say No No. There is a reason it is called "health" insurance. The purpose of health insurance is to protect individuals' health. Cosmetic surgeries are a completely different ballpark--they have nothing to do with the person's health, and it makes no sense for health insurance to cover cosmetic procedures. Although it seems unfair that only the rich can afford to buy their perfect body, I do not think that cosmetic plastic surgery should be covered by health insurance. Nearly everyone has something they...
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Where do you get a butt injection?

In the glutus maximus... upper butt, lower hip, off to the side
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Are there pills or injections to make the buttocks bigger and firmer?

There no pills to make your but bigger, but there is a procedure you can undergo, it is called fat transfer, if you have an area which has more than normal fat you can transfer that into another area, for the buttocks the cost is 5-6 thousand not including the liposuction that is included, they best way is to work out but i know someone who got the fat transfer and she has a really nice shape now her butt is...
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Is Botox or a face lift better?

Botox is injected into your face with a needle to relax specific muscles on your face, to reduce the appearance of wrinkles. A face lift makes incisions in your skin to gently pull and lift the wrinkles out. Face lifts require anesthesia and significant cutting/stitching. Botox is a simple procedure without anesthetic, and with good results. But Facelift lasts longer whereas Botox should be redone every 6 months. ...
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Can you have Botox injected into your fingers?

No, Botox has only been approved for removing wrinkles between the eyebrows, among a few other medical uses. Did you know that Botox is the poison from the botulism bacteria? I don't see why not... but it will not remove your fingerprints because these are caused by skin construction not muscle spasms. Only thing it can cause is loss of feeling and potentially some movement disorders. To get rid of fingerprints you will have to remove them by damaging dermis. ...
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Can liposuction or gastric bypass surgery pose a threat to life?

All surgeries imply a risk of life, even the simplest one. The advances in surgical technologies and techniques have reduced greatly the risks but thre are still cases of fatalities caused by unexpected complications. The death rate from complications related to liposuction is about 1 in 5,000, although the actual death risk when liposuction is performed by a good doctor is somewhat minimal. The death rate within the first 30 days of gastric bypass is normally quoted to be at about 1 in...
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Did roma downey have plastic surgery?

It's obviously that she has had something done, dhe was gorgeous before and now she kind of has that mean Sandra Bernhard look. It's a shame since she truly had an angelic face before. ...
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Did Dominique sachse have plastic surgery?

went to high school with her @ Memorial. She is a sweetie, however she had a flat chest and a different nose back then....she seems to be getting younger every year...but so what- she is georgeous! ...
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Why is plastic surgery becoming so popular?

As the techniques and supporting technology becomes more advanced, risks are less. The increasing public exposure of cosmetic surgery procedures is also a reason why more people turns to it. However, some non invasive procedures are also increasing in adepts and with several less risky options available for some procedures, cosmetic surgeons are expanding their clinics and services to include the less invasive methodologies. ...