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Can a teenager get stomach cancer?

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Yes, unfortunately it is possible though highly unlikely for a teenager to get stomach cancer. I knew 2 people who had stomach cancer at a very young age one was a good friend. They were 21 and 26 respectively. Jeremy (21) was diagnosed with a very developed stage and only lived a very short 6 weeks. He played hockey in the OHL and was a draft prospect for the Pittsburgh Penguins, he was very healthy and never complained about any discomfort in his abdomen. Kevin (26) was also very healthy, playing Basketball, I believe that he was originally diagnosed with an ulcer originally after additional testing he was diagnosed with stomach cancer. Kevin lived with the disease for close to 6 months before passing away. It is very hard to predict and diagnose stomach cancer, or any cancer in young people for that matter, as it is very rare.

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2011-09-12 15:10:17
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Why the cancer is called stomach cancer and not bone cancer Please quick I have a test in science?

Stomach cancer is not called bone cancer, because the cancers cells are not in the bones. With stomach cancer the cancer cells are in the tissues of the stomach.

What is a malignant tumor of the stomach?

gastric cancer or stomach cancer.

Is Stomach Cancer a rare disease or more common than we know?

Stomach cancer is not a particularly rare type of cancer. In reality, stomach cancer is the seventh leading cause of cancer deaths in the United States. Stomach cancer typically falls into one of five different types.

What is gastric cancer also known as?

Gastric comes from the greek word gaster, meaning stomach or belly. Gastric cancer is cancer in the stomach and is commonly known as stomach cancer. Stomach cancer causes around 800,000 deaths, worldwide, per year.

What does stomach cancer look like?

Stomach cancer can present as a variety of other illnesses, including ulcers and stomach flu. During tests, stomach cancer looks like a tumor or a flat blob along the stomach wall.

Do teenager smokers get lung cancer?

Yes, they do.

The bacteria that causes stomach cancer?

Stomach cancer is sometimes caused by Helicobacter pylori, a bacteria.

Can you be pregnant and have stomach cancer?

Yes, but it is EXTREMELY rare to get pregnant while you have cancer, and the pregnancy may not make it all the way, as the only CURE for stomach cancer is to REMOVE the stomach.

What is the treatment for stomach cancer?

removal of parts of the stomach

What is gastric cancer?

Gastric cancer is a type of cancer found in the stomach which is why it is often referred to as stomach cancer. Gastric cancer can spread throughout the body and effect all the body's organs.

Can you get cancer in your stamach?

Yes, it is possible to get stomach cancer.

Does Liam Payne have stomach cancer?

There is nothing on the web that indicates that Liam Payne has stomach cancer.

can colon cancer cause stomach swelling and bloating?

can colon cancer cause stomach swelling and bloating

How does cancer impact on the teenager?

teens die easily of cancer or they will have alot of problems when sleeping.

Is stomach cancer deadly?

All types of cancer can be fatal, unfortunately. If stomach cancer is found early enough, the surgeon can just go in and remove the cells. Sometimes they can even remove parts of the stomach. But if there is a large ammount of cancer in the stomach, you have to go through keemo and hope that it will help.

Which type of cancer has the most aggressive growth Lung stomach or ovarian cancer?

Ovarian cancer shows the most aggressive cell growth, compared to lung and stomach cancer.

What is adenocarcinoma?

it is cancer of the stomach

What are four common froms or cancer in adults?

Lung CancerBreast CancerStomach CancerBowel Cancer

Did Napoleon suffer from cancer?

Yes, he died of stomach cancer.

What is the medical term meaning stomach cancer?

Gastric cancer.

What is a type of cancer that starts with the letter s?

stomach cancer

How did Allen Ludden die?

Bladder Cancer and Stomach Cancer

Where can stomach cancer be treated?

Stomach cancer can be treated at a hospital. Highly trained doctors can perform necessary treatments in attempt to remove tumors located in or on the stomach.

How can a teenager get cancer?

A teenager can get cancer the same way as kids and adults. There just hasn't been a clear answer of how cancer comes about (which explains the lack of cures for cancer), so I can't exactly tell you how anyone can get cancer. Staying healthy or unhealthy doesn't prove that you can get cancer. Some people who are normal, really healthy or unhealthy can all get cancer.

Which is most aggressive in growth ovarian lung or stomach cancer?

Ovarian cancer shows the most aggressive cell growth, compared to lung and stomach cancer.