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Q: Can a teething baby become infected with HIV if kissed on the mouth by an HIV positive person?
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Can you get infected with AIDS if you French kissed an infected one?

The possibility exists with deep French kissing (e.g. if blood is in the mouth area); but it otherwise no.

Can any one is affected HIV by kissing?

The only way someone can get infected by kissing is if the infected person they kissed has an open wound or sore in their mouth.

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I'm not enitrely sure but, I think you can't get mono from kissing someone who isn't infected. The big thing about mono is that it's contagious and it can spread quickly. But if you kiss someone who isn't infected, chances are that your not going to be infected either. If you think about it, if you don't have mono now and you've kissed lots of guys before who you know were uninfected then it's probaly safe to keep kissing. But if you do think you have it, it's safest if you go see a doctor about it.

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