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Yes it can because after ten turns in battle you can use a timer ball and it will mostly work without fail.

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Q: Can a timer ball become a master ball?
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How long does it take for a timer ball to become a master ball on the Pokemon ruby game?

Timer balls can become only 2 times as effective as ultra balls.

How long does it take for a timer ball to become master ball in emerald?

2 All My Knowledge....You Can't...

How long does it take for a timer ball to become a master ball in Pokemon emerald?

Check this:é_Ball

What do you have to do to catch Deoxys?

U have to catch deoxys with a timer ball or a master ball! He is lv 80. U have to catch deoxys with a timer ball or a master ball! He is lv 80.

How many turn dose it take to have timer ball be as good as a master ball?

It takes a really really really long time for a timer ball to work as good as a master ball, like 100-200 turns. But a timer ball can never be the same as a master ball bacause a master ball will automatically catch the Pokemon even if you don't do anything whereas there is still a chance the Pokemon will not be caught with a timer ball. Best idea is to just use a master ball or to use an ultra ball. Ultra balls are really good as well :)

How do you catch griatina in Pokemon platinum?

with a master ball or timer ball

Should you use your MAster Ball on Rayquaza or a Timer Ball?

well, I would save the master ball for latias/latios. so, use the timer ball. or just palin poke balls, like I did.

How many turns does it take for a timer ball to be a master ball?

300678597 times

What poke ball should you use to catch dioxis?

The best ball to catch Deoxys is a Master Ball or a Timer Ball! Trust Me!!! Pokemon Master

How long does it take for a timer ball to become a master ball on the Pokemon diamond game?

To get a master ball in the game u beat Cyrus and if u want 999 u need AR (Action replay Ds or Dsi ) P.S spend ur master ball wisely.....

How do you catch a Dialga?

Well I caught my dialga with a timer ball so I still had a master ball left to catch girtina so use a quick ball dusk ball or timer ball

Would a timer ball as strong as a master ball work on lugia in Pokemon XD?


How can you catch a mew2 without a master ball onleaf greenfor advance?

shoot many poke ball or timer ball or all ball you have but dont shoot your master ball if you havet

Do you let a Pokemon hold the ball wait 10-12 turns then all the timer ball become master balls or just the held ball becomes a master ball if so how to use the held ball?

no but if the news press asked you to show him a dialga or palkia show him one of them and then he will give you a master ball but it only works about 25% of the time.

Master ball for Rayquaza?

Save your master ball for latios or latias. Use a bunch of ultra and timer balls to catch rayquaza easily.

How many turns does it take for a timer ball to become 2 times more than ultra ball?

a timer ball can NOT be 2 times better than a ultra ball . it takes 30 turns for it to surpass a ultra ball. and once it reaches that , it can not it any stronger. . the timer ball is decided bye the ( number of turns + 10 ) and divided bye 10. for every ten accumulated its power goes up bye one level . a ultra ball is level 3 and a timer ball is level 4 at best. only ball better than timer is master.

What poke ball is best to catch Kyuren?

master ball or timer ball or quick ball always paralyze or put kyurem to sleep

Which balls do you use to catch thundurus?

I would suggest a timer ball. If this dosent work use a master ball

How do you catch a Cresselia with out a master ball?

other than a masterball probaly with a hacked ball cherish or ultra,timer,heal,and quick ball

What poke-ball is perfect to catch latios?

Ideally, the Master Ball is what you want to catch Latios/Latias, because their legendary status makes them difficult to catch. If not the Master Ball, I recommend the Timer Ball. The Timer Ball's catch rate becomes higher the longer the battle lasts. So, waste time in the battle (20-30 turns should suffice) and then throw a few Timer Balls.

What is the best ball to catch Giratina in Pokemon platinum?

Either, master ball, (if you haven't used yours givin to you by professer rowan) ultra ball, or timer ball.

How do you catch groundon without a master ball?

use a TON of ultra balls or, after about 99999999999999999999 turns on red, a timer ball will work

How do you make a pokeball work like a masterball in silver version?

YOU CANNOT MAKE A POKEBALL WORK LIKE A MASTER BALL!Unless you use a cheat code.As far as I know,you can use a Timer Ball to act like a master ball.Wait for at lease 55 turns or more for the Timer ball to work.

What is the best pokeballs to use to catch regigigas?

Master Ball as 100% Catch Rate, but you might already known that. You could either use Ultra Ball, Dusk Ball, or Timer Ball. Once the battle takes a long time, use the Timer Ball. I usually follow this pattern, three Ultra Balls, then a Timer Ball. I keep doing that until I catch it.

What pokeball is best for catching Cresselia in Pokemon pearl?

Master Ball (unless you already used it), Ultra Ball, Quick Ball, Timer Ball, and if you are Jesus you can use a Poke Ball