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For steam to come out the exhaust you probably have a bad head gasket or a cracked head. If the turbo had an oil seal fail it would cause blue smoke to come out the exhaust.

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Q: Can a turbo cause excessive steam to pass out of the exhaust?
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How do you know if your turbo is broken and woul it smoke from tailpipe?

If the seals in the turbo are bad on either side it would cause smoking. A sure way to tell is to inspect the turbo for sings of leakage into either the compressor (intake) or turbine (exhaust) sides of the turbo. EXCESSIVE shaft play can is also a tell-tale sign.

Can a turbo cause a car to overheat?

Yes, adding a turbo to a N/A engine can, it the cooling system can't handle the extra heat the extra power will generate. It alos can on a factory turbo car, if the boost is turned up too high, causing excessive exhaust backpressure/egt.

92 Mercury Capri XR2 The turbo has quit working and it is sucking oil into the engine or exhaust system. Can the turbo be removed or disconnected and still be able to drive the car?

No. The turbo needs to be rebuilt. Basically, the bearings and seals in the turbo have worn out, allowing the engine oil that typically flows through to leak into the burning hot exhaust. This often causes excessive oil usage with accompanied smoke from the exhaust.

What gas is used to turbo the cars?

Turbo chargers are driven by the exhaust gases exiting the engine - engine exhaust drives a turbine in the exhaust system which, in turn, turn the turbo compressor.

Can a cat back exhaust for a turbo car be put in a non turbo car?

no, the exhaust bolts on at a different place for turbo and non turbo engines you can probably use most of the exhaust but will have to get different engine pipes to hook up between engine and rest of exhaust

Where is the turbo on a 1986 Volkswagen GTI located?

the turbo is on the end of the exhaust manifold before the exhaust pipe starts .

What causes turbo cars to blow smoke continually?

Lots of things-bad oil pressure, restriction in the oil drain tube on the turbo, excessive crankcase pressure, and a worn turbo can cause turbo

How do you know if your car is turbo?

Look on the exhaust system for the turbo unit.

Where is the turbo on an Audi A4 5v turbo?

Attached to the exhaust manifold... Follow that and you will find the turbo.

What would happen if you put turbo headers on a non turbo car?

It would be a waste of time and money. You would have to make a special adapter to hook the exhaust to the manifold. On a turbo header, the exhaust hooks to the turbo and the turbo to the manifold.

Can a turbo on a eclipse blow the motor?

If boost pressure is too high or intercooling fails or if the turbocharger seizes causing excessive exhaust backpressure, then yes, very easily.

Would a turbo exhaust mess up your non turbo car?

yes that's why you should get a turbo

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