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Yes a male virgin can marry a non-virgin woman.

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Q: Can a virgin man get married to a non virgin woman?
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Can a non virgin man get married you Islam?


Can a Muslim man marry a non virgin woman?


Can a Muslim woman marry a non virgin Muslim man?

Yes, a muslim woman can marry any muslim man of her decision as long as the marriage is consentual for both.

What happens when married Amish man is caught with non Amish woman?

They are shunned.

Can a non virgin woman get married in Islam?

I assume that by non-virgin woman is meant a widow or a divorced woman because, in Islam, it is strictly forbidden to practice intercourse without marriage. Doing sex without marriage is a big sin in Islam.So, sure for widow or divorced woman she can get married.As for non-virgin woman without marriage, first she:should admit that she is sinful in performing intercourse without marriage,should intend not to do it again, andshould repent and ask God for forgiveness.Then, God, the All-Merciful, may accept her repentance per His Will.If a Muslim man feels that this non-virgin woman is serious in her repentance and if he feels that she indeed returned back to the right path of God, then if he marries her he will be rewarded, per God Will, for his good doing.

Can a Muslim married woman marry a divorced Muslim man?

No __________________________________________________________ No woman; in any God religion; can be married to two men in the same time. According, if the Muslim married woman is divorced, then she can marry a divorced or non divorced Muslam man.

What if a married man wants to spank a younger non-married woman?

No man of any age should ever physically touch (or spank) a younger non married woman. However, it appears that you are having an affair with the married man and if you both get excitement out of him spanking you then it is up to you to communicate this fact to him one way or the other.

Can a married Muslim man marries a non Muslim single woman?

According to islam if u married with an non muslim woman on only one condition that she also accept islam otherwise its not allowed.

How can a man be a virgin?

Every one is a virgin until there first intercourse. Then up to that point they are a non-Virgin.

What is difference in the virgin man and non virgin man?

In this context virgin means that the person has not had sex. So a virgin guy is one who has never had sex, while a non-virgin guy has. There is no discernible physical difference between men who have had sex and those who haven't.

Can a married Muslim man have an affair with a single Muslim woman?

No, he can't. A Muslim man (married or not married) can't, per Islam religion, have an affair with any woman (Muslim or non Muslim, single or not single) outside licit marriage per Islam religion.

Can a married Muslim woman have an affair with a Muslim man?

yes of course. ________________________________ Only if if he is her husband who is licitly married to her. Otherwise, it is strictly forbidden for a Muslim woman to have sexual affair with a man who is not her husband. shia******** absolutely NO. it's Haram, even for non married Muslim women.

What does a Jewish man call a non Jewish woman?

a non Jewish woman

Can a Muslim woman have a baby with non Muslim man?

It is sinful; per Islam teachings and rules; for a Muslim woman to have baby with non Muslims man. She is fully sinful to have the baby outside marriage and in the meantime she is not allowed to get married with a non-Muslim man. The only solution out of this problem is for the non-Muslim man to convert to Islam (with sincere faith and real acceptance) and then to marry the Muslim woman licitly. Refer to question below.

How do you know when a married man is interested in dating a married woman?

Firstly, a married man and a married woman should stay with their own partners and not cheat. If both are that unhappy in their marriage then they should separate or divorce and if they choose not too and decide on an extra martial affair it is cheap; selfish and pure dishonest. That being said if a married man is interested in a married woman he will simply ask her out on a date, but be very aware because he is not going to be willing to leave his wife for the married woman, but is looking for a non committal relationship and when this happens one of the two will end up in heartache.

Can a married Muslim man have an affair with a single non Muslim woman?

A Muslim man or woman can have an affair with anyone they want. That's why it is called an 'affair'. However, Islam prohibits extra-marital affairs.

Can a Muslim man marry a non Muslim woman and remain married to a Muslim woman too?

Yes, but under conditions:Not violating the country local lawsgetting first wife acceptancethe non Muslim woman should be only Jewish or Christian.

Is OK for a married Muslim man to cheat on his wife with a non Muslim woman?

No, It's not OK. Cheating is forbidden for both men & women, whether with Muslims or non-Muslims.

Can a Muslim woman marry a non-Muslim man in Iran?

A:No. In Iran, it would be dangerous for a Muslim woman to marry a non-Muslim man.

What is the name prefix for a non-married woman?


Can a Muslim woman marry a non-Muslim man?

A Muslim woman must only be married to a Muslim man. However, a muslim man can marry a christian woman if he wants to, as most of the children will follow their father, and the wife may later convert, over the influence of her husband, giving him deeds.

How do you do CPR on a pregnant woman?

Exactly the same as a non-pregnant woman or a man.

What is the difference in thinking between a virgin and a non virgin boy?

Non virgin are jralous

Can a sunni married man can marry a unmarried marathi girl?

Muslim married boy or man can marry a unmarried Marathi girl, but that Marathi girl must a Muslim. If the girl is non-Muslim then she have to accept Islam. Than she can marry any married Muslim man or boy.Muslim man being married with four Muslim girl or woman at a time only.

Can a divorced Catholic man who married in a non denominational church re-marry in a Catholic Church with a Catholic woman?

Did you mean non-denominational? No catholic can remarry in a catholic church after a divorce.

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