Can a werewolf kill a bear?

Updated: 9/20/2023
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Yes. A werewolf could kill any type of bear, no matter how big is the bear.

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Q: Can a werewolf kill a bear?
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Can two silver bullets kill a werewolf?

yes it can kill a werewolf in the movies.

What is the of bullet you need to kill a werewolf?

You need a silver bullet to kill a werewolf.

Can a werewolf kill a rhino?

Yes. A werewolf has huge claws/teeth that could kill a rhinoceros.

Can a werewolf kill you?

No, they are not real so they can not kill you. A myth can not kill.

Can a werewolf kill a vampire not on the full moon?

No, they can only kill during a full moon when they are transformed into a werewolf. Unless they are a serial killer. Then they can kill whenever they please.

What is the kind of bullet you need to kill a werewolf?

silver does not KILL a werewolf. (unless shot in the heart or head or any major artery's)But a silver bullet can cause a sever allergic reaction.I know this because1) I'm a werewolf expertand2) Maybe I'm a werewolf too trying to help you humans.

How do you not become the werewolf anymore?

kill the one that bit you

Can a human kill a werewolve?

In most cases it is the werewolf who kills the human or at least, turns the human into another werewolf. If you really want to kill one without being eaten or turned into a werewolf yourself then find the werewolf in human form and if you seriously want to kill it then there's really only one way: murder it, but land yourself in jail...

Can a spider kill a bear?

Yes. A spider can kill a bear.

What is the werewolves ultimate rule in twilight breaking dawn?

A werewolf cannot kill someone who has been imprinted on by a werewolf. Example: they cannot kill Renesmee because Jacob has imprinted on her.

Would a vampire drink the blood of a werewolf if the werewolf was in human form?

I guess it is possible for that to happen, but unliekly

How does a werewolf kill a vampire?

The same way a human would.