A mythical creature that takes a human form by day and transforms into a wolf on the night of a full moon.

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Cryptids and Legendary Creatures

What happens when a werewolf scratches a vampire?

If a werewolf scratches a vampire, the vampire becomes mortal and begins to look their age.

Greek and Roman Mythologies

How do you kill a demigod?

As in the child of a god or a mortal?

Same way you kill a human unless he/she has somehow earned himself invincibility. Or takes a dip in the river of Styx. If they take a dip in the river of Styx and come out alive and make it out of the Underworld then they only have one week spot.

If you read Percy Jackson and the Olympians and you're talking more about that then the myths, then Celestial Bronze, Stygian Iron and probably Imperial gold.


Name a way you might know you're turning into a werewolf?

you turn in to one by.. getting a blood sample or getting a bite or scratch

Genetic Diseases

How does human werewolf syndrome affect people?

some people think it is cool but some people who have are really embarrased to go in front of people

like above,yes,some ppl think it would be awsome to be a werewolf,but we ARE embarresed to be around ppl,cause we feel unwanted,like ppl think were freaks.because we act different,and have different instincts.

Horror and Suspense Movies

Is their a difference between wolfman and wolfman unrated?



onLY NOT rated!

UPDATE; I think you'll find the unrated version has some extra scenes not in the rated version.


Is derek a werewolf in the summoning?



Why are werewolves called werewolves?

The term werewolf is derived from the Old English words wer (or were) and wulf. The later is clearly the ancestor of the Modern English wolf, although it could also be used to describe a beast. The Old English word wer (or were) is a gender-specific term referring to a male human (equivalent to the Modern English word man). Thus the word werewolf, when translated into Modern English, literally means either 'manwolf' or 'manbeast'.

Assuming the same etymological roots, a female 'werewolf' would be referred to as either a wifwolf or a wowolf. As both of the Modern English words wife and woman are thought be derived from the Old English word wif (a gender-specific term referring to a female human). Since the corrupted derivative wo has come to be associated with women in general, whilst the uncorrupted wif has come to be associated with married women only, it may be more appropriate to use the term wowolf.

Interestingly, the Old English word mann (or man) as the clear ancestor of the Modern English word man, is gender-neutral (equivalent to the Modern English word human). However the word mann came to be interchangeable with the word were, and soon the word were fell out of common usage, with man taken on the gender-masculine connotations it now has in Modern English. Had things turned out a little differently we men might be referred to as weremen or wermen (or vermen a homophone of vermin! Eek!)


Will a werewolf kill a vampire?

Werewolves are stronger, speedier and more resilient than vampires

^ They cancel each other out really. It takes a lot to kill either of them. They would need the help of a demon or something higher level than themselves.

For an alternate view of the question, read *Thud*, by Terry Pratchett, with specific regard to the relationship between Angua and Sally. Heck, read it even if you don't care about the question.


Do werewolves change every night?

No, only when it's full moon. But it it possible to control your shapeshifting.


How do you get lb 217?

in order to get lb 217 or the blood of a blood-line werewolf

you have to take a needle, stick it in the arm of the blood- line werewolf and extract blood


How do you track down a werewolf?

sometimes they come where blood shed is. if not there hiding somewere nereby. you can look at footprints. if its a wolf than keep folowing the trail.

if you find a wolf den you may find a werewolf there. or werewolves. they might be in wolf form so you may not find them. i know this because i found many werewolves. i dont know y evryone sais theres no such things.


Who is stronger a werewolf or a ghost?

Obviously werewolf is much stronger because a ghost is light and werewolf can kill a creature very fast, so a werewolf is stronger.

Actually, it depends on whether you're talking about stronger in attack or stronger in defense. Werewolves are stronger in attack than ghosts by far, but ghosts are stronger than werewolves in defense.

The Moon

Do werewolves like the full moon?

Sadly some do. They even place themselves to attack humans on their moons. 80% of us do not like it at all! There's high chances in killing or turning a human. The excruciating pain of changing is not what you would even call a living hell! No most of us DO NOT like the idea of the full moon coming up as a possibility of killing someone.


What happen if you get infected by lb 217 werewolf blood?

you can turninto a werewolf.when your first full moon is up your a werewolf and at the second time the full moon rises you will PERMANENTLY be a werewolf if you don't find a cure in time.


What kind of food do werewolves eat?

meat mostly but we are omnivores

Werewolves are carnivorous creatures according to lore, but examining their dental anatomy, it is possible to assume that they will partake of tough plant matter in times of desperation.


What are the differ types of werewolves?

Alpha (born a werewolf and can change at anytime) and Beta (changes every midnight) and Omega (like beta but are the weekest and are treated as not equal)


Can a werewolf kill a lion - or any other animal?

That is not confirmed, seeing as there is no solid proof that werewolves even exist.

The Legend of Zelda
The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time

How do you change age in ocarina of time?

by getting the master sword after you nabbed the spiritual stones.

Religion & Spirituality

Religion vs vampires?

forms of vampires have been found in every cultures myths, histories, and legends. i personally believe that the reason they are found in every cultures history is a diesease called prophyria. this diesease has similar caracteristics to what we kno as vampires. the disease makes u need heme which normal ppl have enough of. so in ancient times when there was no synthetic heme, the ppl that had this would drink blood. prophyria also possibly makes the individual photosensitive. basically that makes it makes the individual sensitive 2 light. <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Wow, I never knew that. I'm not fully convinced about vampires, but I do know one fact about them and religion. Vampires are generally an object. Whether a realistic object or a mind object, they are still an "object." Religion is a belief. Since you can have an object and a belief be very different, you can still have them both. Its like saying Being human vs. not eating meat on Monday. <just random thing that came into my head> You can be human and not eat meat on Mondays. Its very hard to base vampires on religion, they are just two totally different topics. But if you don't understand a word I have written, then hear me out when I say that if they do exist, wouldn't that mean they have a choice, too.

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Brakes and Tires

Why would your rear driver's side tire look like it has oil all over it?

Leaking brake cylinder (or caliper piston if it has rear disc brakes). Also if its a rear wheel drive vehicle it could be differential oil leaking from the outer axle seal. If its a brake fluid loss you can monitor the fluid level in the master cylinder .


What does a werewolf symbolize?

The Wolf as a symbol from old times untill today stands for honor, wisdom, ferocity, fear, also it stands for the unity of a family and the duty of caring for the ones you love or respect.

Being so the Werewolf as asymbol is split upon the two, depending on the culture upon wich we are discussing the symbol. For instance if we take the Werewolf as a Gothic-time horror symbol - it stands for a man bearing some of the Symbol marks as a wolf, in this case particularly it's ferocity and fear. But in other cultures, like common Mythologies which involve Werewolves heroes often do take on the form of a wolf, making them wolf-men or Werewolves, but they bear most of the other characteristics of the Wolf-symbol, like honor, ferocity (this time in a good way), unity of family, wisdom and so-on.

All in all it depends on what you want to portray with a werewolf symbol - something good, or something bad. It is a really good symbol to use in literature, music, movies and every other type of art, because it combines importaint characteristics in opposite, conflicting ways, which allow the imagination to run free.

PS: There are some casses of personal symbolism like in Dante's Inferno where the wolf stands for other things - you can read up on it in the book or in Wikipedia, but the evolution of this symbol to a werewolf is quite confusing, for it will probably reasult in a Female Werewolf being a symbol of Betreyal, Corruption and Cheating [as in in Love].

Human Behavior

What do people in Omsk eat?



What is a werewolf?

Werewolves: A werewolf in folklore and mythology is a person who changes into a wolf, either by purposefully using magic or by being placed under a curse. The transformation was associated with the full moon. According to wikipedia, "Werewolves are often attributed superhuman strength and senses, far beyond those of both wolves and men."

A werewolf can be killed if shot by a silver bullet.

Historical legends describe a wide variety of methods for becoming a werewolf. One of the simplest was the removal of clothing and putting on a belt made of wolf skin, probably a substitute for the assumption of an entire animal skin which also is frequently described. In other cases the body is rubbed with a magic salve. To drink water out of the footprint of the animal in question or to drink from certain enchanted streams were also considered effectual modes of accomplishing metamorphosis. It is also said that when a woman gives birth to six female children, the seventh will be a male and a werewolf. In Galician, Portuguese and Brazilian folklore, it is the seventh of the sons. This belief was so extended in Northern Argentina, that seventh sons were abandoned, ceded in adoption or killed.

Various methods also existed for removing the beast-shape. To kneel in one spot for a hundred years, to be reproached with being a werewolf, to be saluted with the sign of the cross, or addressed thrice by baptismal name, to be struck three blows on the forehead with a knife, or to have at least three drops of blood drawn have also been mentioned as possible cures.

Many European folk tales include throwing an iron object over or at the werewolf, to make it reveal its human form.
A werewolf is a human who turns into a wolf. They usually turn at a full moon and the change is usually painful.


Can humans have werewolf abilities like the eyes?

No you need to be a werewolf to have werewolf abilities. And, to be a werewolf, you need to be a fictional character like they are.


How would you describe a werewolf?

A psychological state of mind.

As werewolves are fictional creatures any description would be subjective, however I'll give it a go.

Physically, in wolf form - Looking much like any healthy wolf, perhaps a bit larger than most with an "intelligence" to their eyes.

Physically, in human form - Looking much like any healthy human, perhaps a bit more alluring than most with a "wildness" to their eyes.

Emotionally-Psychologically, in both forms - Aggressive, intelligent, territorial, devoted to members of their pack (particularly the young of the pack), co-operative with members of their pack (working, hunting, living together as a unit under the traditional hierarchy of a pack), obedient to superior pack members, and monogamous (only the alpha members of the pack breed, but the bond is life long).


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