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The answer is no!

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Q: Can a widows social security income be garnished by a private business?
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Is social security retirement income allowed to be garnished for alimony arrears and payments?


Can the IRS garnish private disability income?

Yes, it can. Taxes owed are garnished from all sorts of income, unfortunately.

Can your federal income tax return be garnished?

If you owe back taxes, or owe the social security, have a judgment aginest you the taxes can be garnished.

Income that can not be garnished by IRS?

Disability (including Social Security Disability) generally cannot be garnished. Just about everything else is fair game.

What is the percentage of Social Security Disability income a collections agency can take in Kansas?

Social Security Disability cannot be garnished.

Can a private company garnish Social Security income?

No. Social Security income is considered a "protected class" and cannot be garnished. Most garnishments would be a result of a court order and not because of some private company got a wild hair. The IRS is the only exception to effecting a garnishment without benefit of a court order that I know of.

Can Social Security Disability be garnished for child support after child reaches age eighteen?

No, Social Security Disability can not be garnished for anything. That is not considered earned income. So no one can garnish it. sorry

Does a 63 years old totally disabled man with 600.00 ssi pay child support?

Possibly, yes. SS disability income may be garnished for child support. Supplementary security income alone may not be garnished.

Can your income tax check be garnished if your wages are already being garnished?

if my wages are being garnished can they still take my income tax check?

Is private income solutions a legitimate business?


Is private income solutions legitimate business?


Can rents from income property be garnished?


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