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No, unless she were a co-owner of the business or a co-borrower of cosigner of loans that were business related. A creditor might try to hold a spouse responsible if the couple reside in a community property state. In such circumstances the non owner spouse might wish to consider using an "innocent spousal defense."

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It there any posibility that a lodging industry failed?

How can a judgment be obtained against someone who has been paid in excess of 50k for a business partnership that did not take place?

The short answer would be that the plaintiff presents enough evidence to convince the court that the defendant/debtor owes the debt and therefore a judgment should be entered against him or her. There are never any guarantees of how a lawsuit will turn out, especially when it pertains to business dealings. The most convincing evidence would be for the plaintiff to have a written contract which guaranteed a return of the investor's funds if the business venture failed.

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What if your name is on the loan for someone else and they failed to pay the loan?

Unfortunately, you would be held responsible for that debt and would have to pay it.