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Well yes and no. A lion is larger than a wolf, but wolves are smaller and have more stealth and bite force. One wolf can't kill a lion by itself but a pack of wolves can kill one lion. A pack of wolves can't kill a pride of lions because well there is a lot of strong lions. Now a pride of lions can take out a pack of wolves depending on the number of wolves in the pack. And sometimes two to three wolves could take out one lion depending on its strength. So pretty much this depends on strength and numbers plus size.

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Q: Can a wolf kill a lion?
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Can a lion kill a wolf?

it could but the wolf would have the advatage of speed

Who would win in a fight a lion or a mastiff?

A lion would win because it can even kill a wolf.

Who will win in wolf vs lion?

AnswerA lion would easily kill a wolf, they are much more powerful and they have much more muscle and stronger, maybe if it was a lion vs a pack of them then maybe the wolf would win but one on one the wolf wouldn't stand a chance.

Can a mountain lion kill a wolf?

A mountain lion would completely own a wolf if it was alone. Most wolves travel in packs though and a pack of wolves would detour a mountain lion from attacking in the first place.

How are a wolf and a lion different?

wolf = canine lion = feline A lion lives in the jungles of Africa A wolf lives ______?

What is stronger - a lion or a wolf?

Definetely a wolf. A wolf adds a lot of pressure to its bite, a lot more than a lion, so basically, a wolf has a stronger and bigger bite, it also has sharper claws, and runs a lot faster. So, even if a wolf is alone it can still kill a lion. that is totally wrong... the lion is smuch bigger and stronger then the wolf it also may have a weaker bite but it has sharp fangs and even sharper claws... the only way the wolf could overpower the lion is if the wolf has a pack of 8 or more. (for all those wolf fans reading this i like the wolf and the lion the same i am not really picking sides its just basic facts)

Is there a wolf larger than a lion?

no there is no wolf larger than a lion not in this world.

Who would win between a wolf and a pittbull?

a wolf will because wolf are stronger than dogs but with it was mountain lion agaisnt a wolf a mountain lion a mountain lion would win

Is a wolf eaten by the lion?

that's not a question and yes a lion could eat a wolf.

Who would win - a wolf or a lion?


Wolf vs lion?

yes but the lion will win

Who would win between a lion and a wolf?

Lion. Big cats are too powerful for a wolf to tackle alone.

Who would win in a fight lion or wolf?

Lion, easily.

Is an Antarctic wolf bigger than a lion?

There is no 'Antarctic wolf'.

What weighs more lion or a wolf?

A lion cub weighs more than a fully grown female wolf so yes a lion weighs more

What fun lion simulation games are there where you play as the lion?

lion simualtion or there is wolf simulation

Can a pack of wild dogs kill a lion?

Yes. Hyenas and dogs will frequently drive a lion from its kill. The lion can run away, but if he tries to stay and fight, the lion will kill the dogs in front - and the dogs behind him will kill the lion.

Who would win wolf or mountain lion?

A Mountain lion would

What animal in the grasslands eat wolves?

There are no known Wolves in the grasslands but I am pretty sure that if a lion were to be hungry enough it would kill and devour that wolf...

LION IS TO PRIDE As wolf is to?

A lion is a member of the pride, a wolf is a member of the pack.

Will a llama kill a mountain lion?

No, but a mountain lion may kill a llama.

Can a dog kill a wolf?

Yes they can The same way a wolf can kill a dog

Can rottweiler kill a wolf?

"Can a rottweiler kill a wolf?" You forgot the "a". Maybe a rottweiler can kill a wolf, but you certainly can't pass elementery school grammer.

Can wolves kill a lion?

Yes. A pack of wolves could take down a solitary lion. A wolf versus a lion one on one would probably go to the lion, die to its superior size. Be aware, however, that there would probably be more than one lion, making it more difficult for the wolves.

Can a wolf kill a liger?

Even if the wolf and the liger meets in same continents, not a chance. A liger weighs about 600 pounds more than an averaged sized wolf, and a liger is much stronger and larger than a lion or a tiger. A pack of eight experienced, strong wolves, however, may be able to kill a liger.