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Q: Can a woman be pregnant if a man doesn't come and he uses a condom?
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Can you get pregnant if you used a condom and sperm didn't come out?

no, because he had a condom on.

Can you be pregnant even if he didn't come inside you and how soon should i take the test?

A woman can only become pregnant if sex was done unprotected, or if a condom broke during protected sex. if your a virgin, you cant be pregnant.

What is the good method to get pregnant?

having sex without condom,and let the guy come inna you

When will a girl find out she is pregnant?

she will find out once her period doesnt come

How do guys get the woman pregnant?

When a man and woman have sex, the guys sperm and the girls eggs come togather and, then your pregnant!!

Could you be pregnant if she has been taking birth control for nearly three months and he used a condom during intercourse but the condom managed to come off as he pulled out and came?

It is a very low possibility.

When your menstruation doesnt come the normal days and its come 3 days instead of 5 days does it mean that you are pregnant?

No it does not mean that you are pregnant. sometimes your periods are just shorter.

Does sperm need to come out of the penis to make the woman pregnant?

yes it does

Why do men come out of a woman when they are about to discharge?

Cause otherwise, they're get it on their willies D: ew. sometimes it's so the woman doesn't get pregnant (but she still can especially if they don't wear a condom) sometimes it's because the guy finds it hot to see it go all over the womans body

Can you get pregnant if your using just a condom and no birth control?

Condoms will protect you from pregnancy without birth control pills. However, the condom must be used properly. To ensure protection from pregnancy while only using condoms, you must be sure that the condom is the proper size, make sure that the condom outside of the condom does not come in contact with the male genitalia.

How passionate kissing during periods a women can get pregnant?

A woman can not get pregnant by kissing no matter what. A woman can only get preggo when seman come in contact with the female eggs

Why are condoms not 100% effective?

There is always a chance that the condom could break. That would then make it possible for sperm to come out. Also, if not put on properly, the condom might no work as well as it should. Also, sperm could come out without the man or woman relaizing it before or after the condom is put on or taking off, which gives chance to pregnancy, too.

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