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No only if the sperm enters the vagina

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Can you get pregnant by fingering with clean hands?

To get pregnant you need a male sperm getting into the vagina. If there was semen on the hands, but the hands have been washed, then any sperm is gone. You can't get pregnant by fingering yourself. You have to have a male sperm.

1 or 2 ways to get pregnant?

1. You can have sex 2. You can have sperm injected

Does sperm have to be visible on your hands to get a girl pregnant?

Sperm should not come in contact with your hands if you are trying to get a girl pregnant. Sperm should enter the female's vagina during ejaculation while having sex.

Can a girl get pregnant without a guy?

If a girl has sperm injected into one of her eggs, yes she can.

Can the women to be pregnant if the sperm go from the back?

the girl can get pregnant if the sperm go through the virgina hole

How can a 9 year old girl get pregnant?

If she is able to have her period, and has sperm injected into her vagina, there is a possibility she can get pregnant. Very unlikely, but things can happen

If you licked your hands after could this mean I am pregnant?

No, masterbating or licking your hands won't get you pregnant. Sperm from a male needs to enter your vagina and meet up with and fertilise one of your eggs for you to get pregnant.

What causes you to be pregnant?

Sperm and an egg. Once the sperm meets the egg and makes its way through women can become pregnant.

Can you still get pregnant if you didn't have intercourse but his sperm got on his hands and then he fingered you?

Yes, it only takes a single sperm to get one pregnant. It is not real likely, but it is certainly possible.

Can your girlfriend get pregnant if you touch her vagina after you wash sperm off your hands with soap?

The sperm wouldn't have been able to get your girlfriend pregnant. You would have removed or killed most, probably all, of the sperm with the soap.

What is the function of the egg and sperm cells?

Sperm cells fertilize the eggs so the egg can grow into a baby the sperm is injected into the female through having vaginal sex

If you fingered yourself then licked your hands could this get you pregnant?

No, masterbating or licking your hands won't get you pregnant. Sperm from a male needs to enter your vagina and meet up with and fertilise one of your eggs for you to get pregnant.

If guy sperm got all over pants and then the had sex n the girls vagina rub on the pants could she get pregnant?

No, she couldn't get pregnant Sperm has to be injected when the sperm Enters the vagina then it makes cells to have a child. So be Safe hope this HElped♥The informer

Can you get pregnant if there's sperm in your pants?

Yes, you can. Sperm are microscopic and can enter the vagina through your underwear.

Plz help im panicing if she will get pregnant i might have gotten sperm on my index finger i washed my hands 3 times and hand sanitised 2 then fingered her with my middel finger can she get pregnant?

I don't think that she would get pregnant because you got sperm on your index and not middle finger which you fingered her with. And if you cleaned your hands that many times then sperm still shouldn't be on your finger

Can A condum get you pregnant?

no but sperm can exit through it and if fertalized in the women you can.

Does a male have to go through puberty to get his girlfriend pregnant?

Boys must be in Puberty to be able to produce sperm. Girls need sperm to become pregnant.

If a guy jas sperm on his hands and wipes it off can you still get pregnant?

If his hands are shoved 8 inches up your vagina, then possibly. Otherwise, no

Can you get a girl pregnant if you get semen on your hands and wipe most of it off and then finger a girl?

if there is any sperm left on your hand then yes you can potentially get her pregnant.

If you have sperm on your hands and them wipe them off can you finger a girl without getting her pregnant?

if a guy cums on his hands then wipes if off with a towel and then fingers the girl like 10 minutes later can she get pregnant?

Can you get pregnant if a guy fingers you and just had sperm on his hands?

Obviously idiot, do you not pay attention in sex ed

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