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Birth Control foam does it all the time. If you're asking if the woman can provide an "inhospitable" environment to the husband's sperm, yes.

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โˆ™ 2006-03-10 20:27:37
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Q: Can a woman kill her husband's sperm?
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Can nos energy drink kill sperm in a woman?

Yeah if the woman is a shemale.

Can bleeding kill sperm cells?

No. Blood does not kill sperm cells. However, if a woman is menstruating, she cannot get pregnant. But blood can carry disease, so use protection.

Can you be inseminated with your husbands sperm?


What is it called when a woman has 2 husbands?

What is it called when a woman has 2 husbands? BIGAMY

If a woman swallows her husbands sperm does it cause difficulty for future pregnancy?

No, because the stomach enzymes and acid will destroy the sperm. Plus, the digestive system and reproductive do not connect in any way in the body.

Will perfume kill sperm?

Hello. No perfume will not kill sperm. Spermicidal jelly will kill sperm.

Can you get husbands medications through his sperm?

Yes you can.

How does bacon kill sperm?

Bacon does not kill sperm.

How those menthol cigarette affect the men sperm?

The men sperm get stronger and last longer. The woman sperm become less for success. It kill more than those than do.

Can blood kill sperm?

No, blood could not kill a sperm.

How does the sperm get in the woman?

Sperm gets into a woman through her vagina.

Can vagina's secretion fluid kills sperms from pre-ejaculate?

No nothing a woman have can kill sperm.

Do taking garlic kill sperm?

No. There is nothing you can take to kill sperm.

Can asthma inhalers kill sperm?

Asthma inhalers do not kill sperm.

Does stress kill sperm?

Stress does not kill sperm, but an cause low sperm count or erectile dysfunction.

If a mans sperm is washed through clinical procedures a woman can conceive a child without both her and the baby being infected?

It would kill the sperm, would be my guess

Will you kill the sperm when you take a shower?

You can kill the sperm which is outside of the body, which is on your legs or torso. But washing does not kill any sperm that has entered the vaginal tract.

What is the woman sperm called?

Women do not have sperm.

If there is sperm around vagina will urine kill that sperm?

No urine will not kill any sperms.

If a guy and a girl come at the same time girl spermn kill the guy sperm?

A woman doesn't have any sperm, only the man has. Some women do release a liquid when they come (orgasm), but it's not sperm and it won't kill sperm either. - Although the vagina is not sperm-friendly or inhospitable to sperm because of the natural pH level, I would recommend a spermicide in addition to use of a condom to prevent pregnancy.

Whats the best way to kill sperm?

Condoms with spermicide. Other than that there is no way of killing them once they are inside the woman.

Can a woman be pregnant without the contact of sperm?

sperm fertilzes the egg, without sperm no baby... so there is NO way a woman can get pregnant without contact of sperm

Does pee kill sperm?

Although the male urine will not kill sperm, the sperm will die once it's left the body anyway.

How do people get pregnant if they are on birth control but they are already pregnant?

When a woman uses pill to control, most of pill is inactive to kill a sperm and the sperm can easily fertilise an ovum which can result pregnancy.

What is it called when a woman has many husbands?

A hoe.