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No. To fall pregnant the semen must enter a woman's vagina.

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Q: Can a women get pregnant if she swallow semen?
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When swallow a sperm the women getting pregnant?

It is impossible to become pregnant by swallowing semen.

Can women swallow sperm?

Yes, women can swallow semen. So can men. If the contributor of the semen is healthy, it will not hurt you to swallow semen.

Will you get pregnant if you swallow his semen?

No you can not get pregnant by swallowing your semen.

Can you get pregnant if you swallow the guys semen?


Could you get pregnant if you swallow semen?


Can a man swallow a women semen?

Women don't produce semen. If it's producing semen, it's not a woman.

Can woman swallow semen?

Yes women can swallow semen as though most females fin it gross or disgusting

If a girl is pregnant can she swallow semen?

sure no harm in it....

Can girl get pregnant if she swallow semen in her periods?

no not at all

Can you get pregnant if you swallow a man's semen?

No. There is no link between the stomach and the uterus.

Can a girl get pregnant if she swallow semen in her mouth?

No, not unless you have a virgina in your mouth!

How many women swallow semen?

All the good ones.

Is semen good for baby deveopment while pregnant?

semen is good for pregnant women to boost her health.

Can Shemales semen make babies?

NO shemale semen can't get a women pregnant because the women with the penis has women genetics in it and thus it can't get another women preganant.

Can man swallow womens sperm or semen?

Women's fluid has everything but the sperm, but yes, they can and do swallow some (harmlessly) when engaging in oral on a female.

Can a women take semen from mouth to get pregnant?


Can women get pregnant by sucking men's semen?

No way!

Will you get a disease if you swallow your semen?

If you swallow your own semen, then no, you can't get anything new. It's quite safe. It's fairly safe, too, to swallow someone else's semen.

How does semen help your metabolism?

Apart from the ability to make women pregnant, semen doesn't do anything for your metabolism.

Do some men like to swallow their own semen?

Most men don't swallow their own semen.

Can a man swallow women sperm?

There is no such thing as "Women Sperm." Its best if you put it as semen, but that is only produced by males.

Why ladies swallow semen?

Cause men thinks its sexy and it turns them on, and some women may just like the taste of it!

Is it safe to swallow semen when a women is getting chemotherapy?

I assume you mean is it safe for a woman that is getting chemotherapy to swallow semen. the answer is yes assuming that the man that is ejaculating is reasonably healthy and is not going to transfer any STD,s to the woman, as she will have a compromised immune system.

How can you get pregnant but still be a virgin?

a mans semen can be near a women s vagina and get her pregnant. a women can get pregnant without the penis entering the body. it only has to be on the vagina, not in it. :-o

Does swallowing semen help women get pregnant?

No, not at all. Only intercourse does.