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of course! i have a baby red eared slider living with a big 8 inch turtle and they get along! you have to make sure they know and like each other before you put them both in the same tank

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well you shouldn't because it might eat the little one

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yes if they are friendly

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Q: Can a young red eared slider live with old one?
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Can a sucker fish live with red eared slider if the turtle is 6 years old?

Its really a gamble to put any fish with a red eared slider , it depends how big the sucker fish is if it is small the turtle with probably eat it , you are supposed to let them grow up together i have a sucker fish with my red eared slider but they are baby's so they have not bothered it.

How old do red eared slider have to be to eat vegetables?

About 6 months

How can you determine a red eared sliders age?

if the red eared slider's shell is 15cm. it is 5 years old!

How old do red eared slider have to be to eat earth worms?

It dose not matter what age they have to be to eat earth worms

How many goldfish should your red eared slider eat?

our red slider turtle is 1 1/2 years old and she will eat 5 small goldfish at a time.

Why did my two other red eared sliders eat the eyes of my small 4 year old red eared slider?

Red Eared sliders are aggressive over food, territory mates, etc. Most likely it was due to that aggression. I would suggest separating the sliders and taking the injured slider a vet. Good Luck!

How do red eared slider turtles die?

Same as any other animal, either old age or some kind of disease.

How old do seaturtles live?

The large tortoises from the Galapagos Islands can live more than 200 years. Some American box turtle have been documented at over 100 years old. Some sea turtles probably live 75 years or more. The common pet, the red-eared slider, can live 40 years or more if they receive good care.

What to feed a 4-5 year old red eared slider?

feed it turtle food but make sure the food is big.feed it lettuce and krill.also earthworms and fresh fish.

Red eared slider that is about 2 years old and he is blind you noticed that he doesn't eat how can you feed him directly because he cant see the food even when it is right in front of him?

let them hear it as it drops in to the cage.

How old will red eared sliders live until?

usually they will live for up to 50 years if you care for them properly otherwise they will live only 5 or 6

Is it normal if your red-eared slider is about 7-8 years old and when you were cleaning his tank you noticed tiny worms or leeches on the rocks?

It probably isn't normal, and it does not sound normal I would probably think about consulting a vet.