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Can action replay DSI play Mario kart?

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Yes. Action Replay codes are interchangeable between the DS and the DSi, because they both use the same games.

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How do you unlock 500cc Mario Kart DS?

You cannot normally play in 500cc. If you want to do so, you'll have to get an Action Replay and use a code for it.

How do you get shy guy in Mario Kart ds?

You can only play as him in Multi-Player as a player using the DS Download feature.You can hack the game to play as him in single-player with an Action-Replay.If you activate that cheat from the Action-Replay Menu, you will need to hold SELECT when a course is loading.

How come your action replay EZ freezes when you play Mario kart ds?

Obviously you put on too... ...too... ...too big codes on eg: drive through walls

Is it possible to play as shadow Mario in Super Mario Sunshine and how can you play him?

You can't play as him WITHOUT an Action Replay for the GameCube. But, with one, and you can.

Any Mario Kart cheats?

yes, there are hundreds of cheats for Mario kart. such as unlock all characters, cars,and classics, play as shy guy in single player,and much more! to get the codes you must go to www.codejunkies.com. *note* to enter the codes you need the action replay.

How do you play as peach on Super Mario 64?

Get Action Replay, get hacks, kthxbye.

How do you play as paper Mario on super Mario bros on ds?

you can't unless there is an action replay code for it. The only ones i can think of that you can play as are Mario and luigi.

How do you play Boo on Super Mario 64 DS?

you can't, but if you have a action replay code, you can

Where can you play Mario Kart online?

There is no place on the internet to play Mario kart. It is only for the DS or DSi

Can you play Mario Kart on a Nintendo DSi?

No. It is impossible to play Mario kart on a Nintendo DSi. goodbye

How do you play Mario Kart 7 demo?

There is no Mario Kart 7 demo that you can play on the Nintendo eShop

How do you get Yoshi valley on Mario Kart?

Play a Mario Kart game that has the track Yoshi Valley in it, or build your own Mario Kart

How do you play a demo version of Mario kart 7?

There Is Not A Demo Version Of Mario Kart, You Just Have To play it yourself

How do you unlock every race track on download play on Mario kart ds?

Download Play? You can't. The game itself. You have to beat the first two courses of Retro and Nitro. Then again you can buy an action replay and use cheat codes.

Can you play as shy guy in super Mario 64 DS?

With Action Replay you probably could.

Are you able to play Mario kart wii on play stason 3?

Mario Kart Wii is from Nintendo and not Playstation so no.

How do you get rosesila in Mario Kart?

You need a copy of Super Mario Galaxy 1. Play it for a while ,then Play Mario Kart then it will say you have a gift From Super Mario Galaxy. then it will say you can play as Rosalina.

How do you play Mario Kart tournament on Wii?

Twice a month, Nintendo puts up a tournament to complete a specific action in Mario Kart Wii, for example racing backwards or battling Spiked Topmen.

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