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Can acupuncture cure alcholism?



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My name is Timothy and I am from Midland Michigan. I have been through a long series of acupuncture while trying to quit drinking. It actually effected my anxiety and in turn the redcuction in anxiety cause less cravings to get away from what was bothering. Same with Chiropractor. I am also an opiate addict so I have a battle on 2 fronts. Because I am a stubborn Irishman, I keep coming back for cure. At the moment I am on Suboxin and Klonapin. Which works well other than the drowseyness which is starting to pass. I tend to trade one addiction for another which sounds stupid and maybe so. You have to relaize that I go to 2 or more AA meetings a day and fight like hell to divert my attention. I was never addicted to Marijawana or Cocain so I could go that way but look at the expense and the time it lasts for. Not to mention if you get busted. If you are interested in Suboxin you can look it up on the net. Timothy