Can air soft guns fire bb's?

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2010-12-30 18:56:10

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Yeah most can depending on the size

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2010-12-30 18:56:10
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Q: Can air soft guns fire bb's?
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How do you make darts for an airsoft gun?

AIRSOFT guns are not intended to fire anything but soft BBs- AIR SOFT.

Are 0.2g bbs the same as 0.20g bbs for airsoft guns?

yes because 0.20 and 0.2 are the same even if its air soft guns

Is air soft mega store a good place to buy air soft guns?

It is a good place to buy guns and BBs for cheap prices. Though if you are looking for upgrades go to airsoft gi.

Are all air soft bbs biodegradable?


What size air soft BBS do walmart have?

It matters where you live, you can find BBS in Sports.

What size of bbs does the electric James bond pistol air soft gun fire?

It uses a 8 mm BB

In Michigan is a air rifle defined as a fire arm?

Smoothbore guns utilizing spring, gas or air to propel BBs are not "firearms" under state statutes. Rifled guns are considered to be firearms.

Do air soft bbs hurt?

it hurts your mom

Can sniper bbs be shot for a full auto air soft gun?


Is an air-soft gun the same as a pellet gun?

No. Airsoft guns shoot 6mm plastic BBs. Pellet guns are much more powerful and shoot lead pellets in a variety of calibsers, with .177 and .22 being the most comon. Some pellet guns also shoot steel BBs, but these are not the same as airsoft ones.

Can an airgun made for shooting metal bbs shoot plastic air-soft bbs?

It's not recommended. The BB gun fires with more force than an air soft gun. Air soft BB's can disintegrate and become flying shards of plastic.

Where can you buy air soft BBS?

your best off going to Canadian tire you can buy over 10,000 bbs for $20

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