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Not all snakes do, but some do. For example, the sea snake swims, along with the green anaconda. But, the green boa doesn't.

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Can rattle snakes swim?

All snakes can swim, some prefer not to but they all can.

Do California king snakes swim?

All snakes can swim.

Can king snakes swim?

yes you idiot all snakes can swim

Do poisonous snakes swim on top of the water?

All snakes swim and few snakes dive, some of the most venomous snakes in the world however dive below the water and swim there as opposed to on the surface.

Can Gardener snakes swim?

Do you mean Garden Snakes?Yes, these snakes can swim.

How can some snakes swim?

yes Well, I belive all snakes can swim. Just imagine you had a body like a snake; couldn't you swim? It's not magic, just a product of their physiology. see?

How do snakes get from riverbank to riverbank?

Snakes can swim

Do black snakes swim?

no they cant swim

Can snakes bite underwater?

Yes, Snakes can bite underwater, that is why it is dangerous to swim in swamps and other places Snakes are known to swim.

Do all snakes swim?

Not all snakes, but some do. For exampe, the sea snake swims, along with the green anaconda. But, the green tree boa does not.

Do snakes swim?

Yes. Snakes are excellent swimmers.

Do ringneck snakes swim?

can a ringneck snake swim

Can snakes swim?

yes they can

Can corn snakes swim?

Yes, they can swim. They do in the wild. -Bri-

Can the copperhead snake swim?

Coper head snakes can swim

Can snakes swim in sand?

You can only swim in water, not in sand. No animal can swim in sand.

How do sea snakes swim?

Sea snakes swim by using their flat body to interwieve, turning their body left to right.

How do snakes cross rivers?

Most snakes swim very well.

Can garter snakes swim?

Yes. Like most snakes, garter snakes are good swimmers.

How do electric eels swim?

They swim like all the other eels do - with their tails and their fins. They look a little bit like snakes when they swim, undulating back and forth in the water.

What do garter snakes swim in?


What do fish and snakes have in command?

they can swim

Can viper snakes swim?


Can pet corn snakes swim?


Why do corn snakes swim?

to cool down

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