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Yes,Venturer portable DVD players were meant to be use in cars. If you have lost you car adaptor you can purchase one here;

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What is the average battery life of the Venturer 8" portable DVD player?

The average battery life of the Venturer 8" portable DVD player is said to be about 2-3 hours, but some people have complained about only getting an hour or less out of it.

Can you play PC DVD games on a portable DVD player?

No, PC DVD games are not compatible with portable DVD players. Portable DVD players are capable of reading and displaying DVD videos.

Who are manufacturers of portable DVD players?

There are many manufacturers of portable DVD players. These include Samsung, Philips and Sony. Another well known brand of portable DVD players is Toshiba.

In what year was the portable DVD player invented?

The first portable DVD players were introduced in 1998 by Panasonic. While newer portable DVD players have an average screen size of 7 inches, the first portable DVD player's screen was only 5 inches.

How much do the batteries typically cost for portable DVD players?

Portable DVD players normally have a rechargable battery pack,that is brand and model specific.

Are you able to take a portable DVD player on the airplane?

DVD player on planeYes, you can take portable DVD players and laptops.

How expensive are Sony portable DVD players?

Sony portable DVD players range in price from around $75 to $250 and up. The cost will depend on the features you want and where you purchase the DVD player.

How many portable DVD players are in the average American household?

While there has been little research to determine how many portable DVD players are in the average American household, some research indicates that the average household now has twenty-four gadgets. Overall, production of portable DVD players has increased in the past few years, suggesting that the amount of American households with portable DVD players is increasing.

Which car DVD Players have a way to mount them in your car?

Portable car DVD Players are great for mounting in your car.

Can you tell me the make and model of a DVD player that has a car adaptor and also has a rechargeable battery system?

The Venturer PVS3368 Portable DVD Player has a car adaptor and also has a rechargeable battery system.

Do any Sony portable DVD players have a usb input jack?

Yes, most sony portable DVD players have USB input jacks. You can find however, many different types and styles of portable DVD players, so be sure to check the specific model that you want to buy.

Will a portable DVD player play Blu-ray DVD?

No. Blu-Ray discs are not DVDs and they will only work on Blu-Ray players. But there are portable Blu-Ray players

What video format does RCA portable DVD player?

video formats for rca dvd players

Are there Portable DVD players that are compatible with the PS3?

No the PS3 does not record DVDs and neither can a DVD player. What could be compatible, the game discs do not play on a DVD player, whether portable or not

Are there portable DVD players that can be easily installed or hung from the ceiling of a minivan for long trips with the kids?

Mounting kits for portable DVD players exist and can be found on many retail websites. It's possible to mount the DVD players from the ceiling, the arm rest or the front seats.

What is the power source of portable DVD players?

If you plan on taking your portable DVD player along with you, it is important to understand how it is powered. Portable DVD's require a charged battery in order to operate.

What portable DVD players use AAA bateries?

Small ones.

How many DVDs does the Sony portable DVD player hold?

Sony's portable DVD players only hold one DVD at a time. However you can opt to have a larger screen. The players have screens ranging from 7 inches to 9 inches.

Which car DVD players are easiest for kids to use?

Portable DVD players with lap mounts are a great option for kids to use in a car.

Can I use rechargeable batteries in my portable DVD player?

There are some rechargeable portable DVD players where you can use rechargeable batteries, they cannot be used in every portable DVD player because at some point the batteries start to slow down.

How does a portable DVD player work?

Portable DVD players play DVDs using a digital scanner eye. The scanner eye is located inside the DVD player, and it scans the DVD as it turns. Then, it transfers the images to the screen.

Are there TV antennas available for portable DVD players?

I dont think there are or will be any TV antennas available for portable DVD players. DVD players are meant to play DVDs and cannot be used as Television, so any question or doubt of antennas does not arise. As far as my knowledge goes this isn't possible.

Are there portable DVD players that are kid friendly?

The Sony DVP FX930 DVD player is very user friendly.

Where can one find reviews on Sony dvd portable players?

One can find reviews on Sony DVD portable players at electronic stores such as the Sony store, Best Buy, Walmart, Overstock, Target, and Video Only as well.

Where can one purchase a Sony portable DVD?

Retailers such as Walmart and Best Buy carry many different models of Sony portable DVD players. Online retailers like Amazon also carry the players at competitive prices.