Can aloe make freckles go away?

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No. Aloe is wonderful for the skin, but it won't make freckles go away.

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Q: Can aloe make freckles go away?
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How can you make freckles go away?

You can't, freckles are imbedded in your skin, so you can only cover them up.

How do you make freckles go away?

rub it with ointment for three weeks

Do freckles ever go away?

My brother had them and they went away so they can.

What do you need to do make sunburn go away in one night?

if you get aloe vera at walgreen's it will burn for a second and then have a cooling sensation. It will go away quickly

How do you make mole removal scars go away?

You can make scars go away by putting lavender oil and aloe on them. Tea tree oil is also used to heal scars.

How do you make your freckles stand out?

Go out in the sun or go on the sun beds

When boys go through puberty do their freckles go away?

No. Freckles are tan patches you get from the sun, they can fade if you, like , never go outside. But you should go outside it's healthy for you. ^Ignore that, the generally do go away when people go through puberty. Their appearance does increase when in the sun though.

How could you make all your freckles go away?

i have freckles and i have been told that you can get rid of them by using LEMON juice.. put it of your face before you go to sleep and wash it off in the morning it should lighten your freckles until they are removed.. i haven't tried this yet but im going to try it today and i will tell you if it works.. good luck GUCCIEEE -Palizangel13

Do you only get freckles when you get burned?

No you get freckles naturally they come and go

How do you make sunburn go away faster?

Aloe. Aloe Vera. Do not put on regular lotion it will hold IN the heat on your skin and you want the heat to escape to cool it down. There are also a number of after market brands that are specializing in sunburns now.

What ointment do you use to make freckles go away?

I have not heard of an oil that does that.a freckle is a blemish in a way, the only way to possibly hide it (that I know of) is to cover them with makeup

How do you get freckles on

You don't get freckles but you can go on avatar to change yourself.

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