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I do believe that 18 month old babies can die from SIDS- I think that the medical community now refers to it as SUDS or SUDC Sudden Unexplained Death of a Child. My son died from SIDS at 2 months 4 days and in the 2 years since then I have met many other families going through my nightmare and one lost a 3 year old to SIDS/SUDC so yes, it can happen to toddlers and older- it's just less common.

Yes, children can die from SIDS at 18 months old. I know of a case where the child was almost two years old (22 months). They still had the same autopsy reports and were unexplained deaths, "SIDS". It is very rare , but unfortunately can still happen.

on Thursday august 11th my husband and I put are son to bed who was 18 months and 25 days and when we checked on him before we went to go to bed he was already gone he had just laid down an hour before that my husband and I have replayed that night a thousand times and we have to settle for the reason they gave us which was sids.

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Q: Can an 18-month old die from SIDS?
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