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Yes, in some states such as, CA & PA, an 18 year with a learners permit is permitted to drive without anyone else in their vehicle unless the passenger(s) are 18 years old or older.

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Q: Can an 18 year old with a learners permit drive alone?
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Can a 15 year old with a learners permit drive alone?

No one with a learner's permit can drive alone. Age has nothing to do with it.

Can a 18 year old drive alone in pa with a learners permit?


Can a 21-year-old drive alone with a learner's permit?

No, age doesn't matter when you have a learners permit. Only a licensed driver can drive alone.

Can a 17 year old with learners permit drive alone?

unless their is a new law- the answer is NO

Can a 17 year old drive alone?

In the United States, most if not all states allow 16-year-olds to get their drivers licenses. As long as you have your drivers licenses (not a learners permit) you can drive alone.

Is an 18 year old allowed to drive alone in new york?

As long as you have a valid drivers license and not a learners permit yes.

Can an 18 year old with a learners permit drive alone in Maryland?

No, regardless of your emancipated age, you must be accompanied by a licensed driver.

Can a 18 year old driver with a learners permit drive unsupervised in the state of Pennsylvania?

If you have only a learner's permit, then you are not permitted to drive unsupervised.

What would happen if a teenager between 16 and 17 is caught driving alone with a learners permit and an 18 year old is with them in Florida?

then you are still good bc the learners permit is good and she or he is 18

Can a 21 year old drive alone with a learner's permit in Michigan?

You can't drive alone with a learner's permit, anywhere in the US, at any age. Period.

Can an 18 year old drive alone in Florida with a learner's permit?

A permit is not required but you need a license to be able to drive.

Can a 15-year-old with a learner's permit drive to work alone in Florida?

Part of the learners permit test covers that information. If you haven't bothered to read the book, perhaps you shouldn't be driving EVEN WITH ADULT SUPERVISION! No, most states are raising the driving age and driving laws for learners are more restrictive than before. In general, you can't drive a car alone on a learners permit. You MAY be able to drive a motorcycle alone, but you'll need to check your state laws to find out the restrictions. When in doubt, check the local laws since they vary from state to state.

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