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No, regardless of your emancipated age, you must be accompanied by a licensed driver.

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Q: Can an 18 year old with a learners permit drive alone in Maryland?
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Can you drive in Maryland with a Pennsylvania learners permit?


If you are 21 years old can you drive alone with a learners permit in Maryland?

No you are not permitted to drive a lone at the age of 21 , with a learners licence alone. somebody with a real licence should also be in the car.

If you are going to work and have your learners permit may you drive alone?

no, you cannot drive alone with a learner's permit

Can someone with a learners permit from Maryland drive outside of Maryland?

Nopeeee Nopeeee

Can a 15 year old with a learners permit drive alone?

No one with a learner's permit can drive alone. Age has nothing to do with it.

If you are 19 and have a PA Learners permit can you drive alone?

No, you cannot.

Can you drive with a Maryland learners permit in Florida?

Anyone with a learner's permit from Maryland may drive in Florida. The same rules that are applicable in Maryland are also applicable in Florida.

Can a 18 year old drive alone in pa with a learners permit?


Can you drive to school alone with a learners permit?

It would be fun but.... no dont do it

What will happen to you if you are 17 and have a learners permit and drive alone?

well in florida if u drive alone with a learners permit you will have ur drivers license suspended for up to six don't do it

Can a 21-year-old drive alone with a learner's permit?

No, age doesn't matter when you have a learners permit. Only a licensed driver can drive alone.

If you are 21 years old can you drive alone with a learners permit in Florida?


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