Can an 19 year old male be prosecuted for getting his 17 year old girlfriend pregnant?

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I would say no as she is over the age of consent which is 16.
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If a 19-year-old male and a 17-year-old female living in Massachusetts have a relationship approved by her parents can he go to jail if she gets pregnant?

Answer . by law, no. she is of legal age to consent to sex. the end. that's all that you need. nobody can press charges against you for anything, except her. she can take you to family court and make you pay child support if she does get pregnant and the baby is yours. but other than that h ( Full Answer )

Can a 19-year-old male marry his 16-year-old pregnant girlfriend in Texas?

Answer . \nNot without the permission of her parents. However, there could be a larger problem, the age of sexual consent in Texas is 17. Texas authorities have become very aggressive in pursuing criminal charges especially if the parents of the minor are willing to file charges. It would be a go ( Full Answer )

Can a 19-year-old male go to jail if he got a 17-year-old girl pregnant?

Depending on where you live, in Canada the age of consent is 14 yrs, so as long as it was consentual no you would not go to jail. In other parts of the world however there have been sever consciences for per marital sex and statuitory rape (not meaning forced sex), that would just be rape. So in the ( Full Answer )

Is it possible for a pregnant 17-year-old to move in with her 19-year-old boyfriend who can support her without getting into trouble?

Answer . \nPregnancy does not change the legal age status of a minor. Such action would not be deemed legal and the results would depend upon what action the parents or legal guardian of the minor female chose to take. If they were agreeable to the arrangement it is highly unlikely authorities wo ( Full Answer )

Can legal action be taken if a 24-year-old male gets his 16-year-old girlfriend pregnant in the state of Florida?

Answer . \nYes, the 16-year old female is under the AOC in the state of Florida. The male is a legal adult and can be charged with numerous felonies and misdemeanors. The most serious would be statutory rape a Class "A" felony which carries a mandatory prison sentence if the person is convicted. ( Full Answer )

Can an 18-year-old male be prosecuted for getting his 16-year-old girlfriend in foster care pregnant?

\nSome people need to be clarified on what "statutory rape" means. Statutory applies to individuals that are under an age of legal decision. In most states, that is the ages of 13 and under. At these ages, a person does not posses "mens rea" or "the criminal mind", and is recognized by the courts ( Full Answer )

In California if a 19-year-old male gets a 17-year-old female pregnant can her parents put him in jail?

\n. \n Answer \n. \nNot if they were dating and proven to be sexualy active before the male or female turned 18.\n. \n . \n . \nShe is below the age of sexual consent for CA. It doesn’t matter if they were dating or sexually active before he turned 18 or not. Her parents can’t put him ( Full Answer )

What if a 17 year old get pregnant by a 19 year old?

That depends on the Age of Consent in the place where you live. \n. \nIn many states and countries it is 16, so 17 would make it quite legal but you should find out the age of consent in your state. \n. \nRead some more about Age of Consent:\n is age of consent and ( Full Answer )

In Texas can a 17 year old male go to jail for getting his 16 year old girlfriend of 1 year pregnant?

Laws vary from state to state. Yes in some, no in most. If the age of consent is over 16, he has a problem. Some states have a 'within two years of being the same age' type exception. And there are other states that don't allow certain relationships to consent, regardless of the age. (If he's a teac ( Full Answer )

What if a 16 year old male gets a 19 year old female pregnant can the female be arrested in new york state?

no it is not illegal. By law, they're both still in the age range, and are still in their teens. If the woman was 21, then the male could be arrested.. It depends on the legal age of consent, in some states it's still 15, some 16, some 18. However, most states turn a blind eye to the written law as ( Full Answer )

Can a 16 year old who gets a 14 year old pregnant be prosecuted in Michigan?

He can be charged with the felony of Criminal sexual conduct in the third degree; under section 750.520d. It is punishable by up to 15 years in prison.. (1) A person is guilty of criminal sexual conduct in the third degree if the person engages in sexual penetration with another person and if any o ( Full Answer )

What will happen if a 17-year old girl gets pregnant by a 20-year old male?

Normally she will have a baby. It is not illegal for a 20 year old to have sexual relations with a 17 year old as long as 16 or 17 is the age of consent where they live. Otherwise it could be statutory rape. That doesn't mean however that he is not partially responsible (by law) for the maintenance ( Full Answer )

Can a 17 year old female and a 19 year old male get married in Ohio?

Yes. The 19yo will have to show his birth certificate and the 17yo need consent from her parents or legal guardians and might have to contact the Probate Court. The Judge can also require the minors to state that they have received marriage counseling that is satisfactory to the court.

Can a 17 year old male go to jail for getting a 16 year old female pregnant?

It depends where you live, but most states would not prosecute when two teens are so close to the same age. Make sure whatever decisions are made, to offer support to the girl. It is time to step up to the plate and act like an adult. If she is going to keep the baby - remember it is yours too and ( Full Answer )

Can a 17 year old get in trouble if he gets his 16 year old girlfriend pregnant?

Depends if 17 is adult age in your state and 16 is not. That would be statutory rape. Some states have a law so you can get it easier if you are no more then 3 years apart. So it depends on where you live. If age of consent is 16 in her state the sex was legal and it was not statutory rape..

What are the responsibilties of a 17 year old boy after getting his girlfriend pregnant?

To stand by her side regardless of what choice she makes. If she choose to keep the baby you will have to be able to support the baby along with the mother. If she wants to give it up for adoption he have to think about if he wants the same or wants to take care of the baby himself. If she wants an ( Full Answer )