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Maybe. It depends on the AGP connector type of the motherboard and vga card. The ECS P4VXASD2.v1 motherboard has - I think - an Universal AGP slot ( not Universal AGP 3.0 !!) which can set 3.3 V or 1.5 V signal line voltage. The question is : What AGP connector does a vga card have ? Because of we are speaking about an 8x AGP card now the card connector type can be :

  • AGP3.0 (in this case it won't work)
  • Universal 1.5V AGP3.0 (it will work)
  • Universal AGP3.0 (it will work).

So the answer is : Try to find the voltage requirement or AGP collector type of card what you will purchase.

If you have already bought the card and there is no signal from AGP (for example the monitor is dark )you can do a proof. Do the followings:

  • check the card in an another computer with 8x AGP motherbord AGP slot
  • if the card works try to find his "AGP driving control" value (for example on the working computer:

PowerStrip->Adapter information->Report . You can see this value in a list. )

  • note the "AGP driving control" value (it is a hexa value between 00 - FF)
  • start the computer with motherboard P4VXASD2.v1 and enter BIOS setup
  • go to "Advanced Chipset Features" and see value of "AGP Driving Control" (the default is Auto)
  • set it to FX5700LE's value
  • "Save & Exit" from the BIOS Setup
  • install your FX5700LE in the P4VXASD2.v1 motherboard
  • start the computer

If the "no signal problem" persists your FX5700LE has an AGP3.0 collector type.It means your card can not work together with your P4VXASD2 mobo. ( In this case you should set back in the BIOS the original "AGP driving control" value. It can be your old AGP will have a "no signal" problem now. If it was use a PCI card to set BIOS-value back) I hope , I could help you.

Hi! I was asking similar question to ECS Technical Support (question was about different model of GeForceFX - 5200) The answer was that this mobo supports only AGP 4X graphics card (AGP 2.0), and it's not guaranted to work well with AGP 8X (AGP 3.0) cards. "This model is support AGP2.0(4X, 2X, 1X), so can not support AGP3.0 VGA card(4X/8X)" In attachment I got this: Differences between: AGP 2.0 // AGP 3.0 Signaling: 1.5V Signaling // New 0.8V Signaling Protocol: AGP1.0 + Fast Writes // AGP2.0 + Some enhancements - some deletions Speeds: 4X, 2X, 1X // 8X, 4X Connector: 1.5V keyed, Universal // 1.5V keyed, Universal

However, refering to the first answer, my graphics card's manufacturer technical support informed me that its connector is 1.5V, so it should work. I'll try the given proof and update my answer.

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Can an elitegroup motherboard p4vxasd2 support a ddr memory card?

It supports ddr (first generation - ddr1).

Can an Elitegroup motherboard P4VXASD2 v3 with a 4X AGP support an GeForceFX 5200FX 128mb DDR TV 8x AGP card?

yes. but it will only run at 4x. not 8x. oh yea. get an ATI Radeon. don't wast money on that geforce garbage.

Can your elitegroup motherboard p4vxasd2 v3.3 with a 4x agp support can support 8x agp vga cards?

I'm sure it will, it will just run at 4X.

Can an Elitegroup motherboard P4VXASD2 v1 with a 4X AGP support an GeForceFX 5200FX 128mb DDR TV 8x AGP card?

as a rule the fx 5200 runs with 2x 4x and 8x agp ports dependant on the manufactrer of the card. check the manufacturers website. I tried to lunch my computer with a geforce fx 5200 128 (i have a p4vxasd2 motherboard) that result no boot "black screen", i conclude the geforce fx5200 doesn't work with the p4vxasd2 motherboads. I tried to upgrade my bios but i have not find the upgrade file for this motherboard. if you have any solution for me please send it here, in this page thank you. Zoheir.

Can an Elitegroup motherboard P4VXASD2 v1 with a 4X AGP support an GeForce xfx 5200 8xAGP card?

Yes, it should do, but only at 4X. The video card (and it's drivers) ought to recognise the AGP's speed and will operate accordingly.

Can a p4vxasd2 motherboard support pcie or agp 8x motherboards?

computer full form

Can a p4vxasd2 motherboard support pcie or agp 8x video cards?

NO pci-e only agp4x no 8x. you have an ecs board.

Does the ecs motherboard p4vxasd2 v33 with a 4x agp support a Asus 9550 128mb radeon 8x agp card?

Yes, but the card will only register at 4x AGP. You will not get the most out of the card with that mobo, but will still have great results.

Can an elitegroup motherboard p4vxasd2 v1 with a 4x agp support an ati radeon 9250 128mb card?

It should work, however, performane is cut more than in half compared to a Motherboard with 8X Support. Froogle search "socket 478 8x" if you want to use the processor, but if the ram is PC133 replace it. Of course, if you are planning on piecemealing it and upgeadeing, just remember there are bottlenecks in the system (Ram) that will make it not look too steller. (Currently using a GeForce ti 4600 128MB in a P3 933 1GB ram System. Yea Doom 3 runs, but barely. Moved card into P4 2.8 512MB system and Doom 3 is pretty good)

Why won't work p4vxasd2 with fx5200 cgn-346tvd?

Hi, I believe the GeForce FX5200 is a 128MB DDR video card and its compatible with an AGP 8x interface. Since I have the same motherboard, P4VXASD2, I know for a fact that this motherboard does not support the AGP 8x interface, and on the contrary, the FX5200 is a AGP 8x card and I am pretty sure it is not backwards compatible with AGP 4x which in fact is supported by your motherboard. If you are looking for a video card in the same/lower price range, I would recommend you to buy the ATI Radeon 9200/9200SE/9250 because they support upto a max. of 8x and they are also backwards compatible with the AGP 4x. I hope that answers your question.

Can a p4vxasd2 motherboard support ddr 400 ram?

Yes it will, to a maximum of 2Gb. This board also supports SD Ram, but the 2 DDR and SDRam, cannot co-exist on the same board at the same time. Hope this helps be safe Cadishead Computers

How man processors can a motherboard support?

A motherboard can support one processor only.

How many EIDE devices does a motherboard support?

How many EIDE devices does a motherboard support?

Will a phoenix 845g motherboard support 1gb ddr2 ram?

I have this motherboard with 1GB RAM but it is DDR. If a Motherboard supports DDR it cant support DDR2.

Can a motherboard support 8 GB ram?

It depends what type of motherboard. But yes, some can support 8 gb

What will i do if a motherboard cannot support a graphic card?

Get a new motherboard or a new graphics card.

Why would you change your motherboard?

you would want to change your motherboard basically why i want that you bought a PCI-express card but your motherboard doesnt support that.or you want a faster processor that your old motherboard doesnt support. hope this info helps.

What kind of motherboard can I find that have the most support ?

dell has the best support

Why the motherboard can't support a higher processor?

Because the motherboard is made 2 support a certain 2.8,3.0.if u try 2 put a higher prrosser it may burn Ur motherboard.

If a motherboard has a slot 1 . what cpus is it designed to support?

No motherboard has one slot of RAM

Does mercury PI845GLM motherboard support to AMD processor?

No, it's Intel CPU Based Motherboard

Does the Asus P7P55D-E PRO motherboard support the Intel E6500 CPU?

No, the motherboard will only support the i3, i5, and i7 CPUs.

Does the Intel D865PERL motherboard support overclocking?

No. intel motherbord does not support overclock

What provides support to usb and firewire on computers?

The Motherboard

Can you put a new motherboard in your coumpter?

Yes, it is possible to replace your motherboard with new one. Just make sure that your new motherboard fits in your computer, and that it support all of the hardware you had on your old motherboard.