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Can an Elitegroup motherboard P4VXASD2 v1 with a 4X AGP support an E-VGA GeForceFX 5700LE 256mb 8x AGP card?

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September 12, 2011 2:56PM

Maybe. It depends on the AGP connector type of the motherboard and vga card. The ECS P4VXASD2.v1 motherboard has - I think - an Universal AGP slot ( not Universal AGP 3.0 !!) which can set 3.3 V or 1.5 V signal line voltage. The question is : What AGP connector does a vga card have ? Because of we are speaking about an 8x AGP card now the card connector type can be :

  • AGP3.0 (in this case it won't work)
  • Universal 1.5V AGP3.0 (it will work)
  • Universal AGP3.0 (it will work).

So the answer is : Try to find the voltage requirement or AGP collector type of card what you will purchase.

If you have already bought the card and there is no signal from AGP (for example the monitor is dark )you can do a proof. Do the followings:

  • check the card in an another computer with 8x AGP motherbord AGP slot
  • if the card works try to find his "AGP driving control" value (for example on the working computer:

PowerStrip->Adapter information->Report . You can see this value in a list. )

  • note the "AGP driving control" value (it is a hexa value between 00 - FF)
  • start the computer with motherboard P4VXASD2.v1 and enter BIOS setup
  • go to "Advanced Chipset Features" and see value of "AGP Driving Control" (the default is Auto)
  • set it to FX5700LE's value
  • "Save & Exit" from the BIOS Setup
  • install your FX5700LE in the P4VXASD2.v1 motherboard
  • start the computer

If the "no signal problem" persists your FX5700LE has an AGP3.0 collector type.It means your card can not work together with your P4VXASD2 mobo. ( In this case you should set back in the BIOS the original "AGP driving control" value. It can be your old AGP will have a "no signal" problem now. If it was use a PCI card to set BIOS-value back) I hope , I could help you.

Hi! I was asking similar question to ECS Technical Support (question was about different model of GeForceFX - 5200) The answer was that this mobo supports only AGP 4X graphics card (AGP 2.0), and it's not guaranted to work well with AGP 8X (AGP 3.0) cards. "This model is support AGP2.0(4X, 2X, 1X), so can not support AGP3.0 VGA card(4X/8X)" In attachment I got this: Differences between: AGP 2.0 // AGP 3.0 Signaling: 1.5V Signaling // New 0.8V Signaling Protocol: AGP1.0 + Fast Writes // AGP2.0 + Some enhancements - some deletions Speeds: 4X, 2X, 1X // 8X, 4X Connector: 1.5V keyed, Universal // 1.5V keyed, Universal

However, refering to the first answer, my graphics card's manufacturer technical support informed me that its connector is 1.5V, so it should work. I'll try the given proof and update my answer.