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I have a magna Executive with a o2 sensor. I have been having problems with ever since I had to replace the main computer under the dash. I keep getting chech engine wring lights on my dash. Since then I have had the engine checked and the o2 sensor repalced only thave to problem come back to me again and again and going back to the dealer. So I disconnected the sensor from the engine to the computer and the engine still starts and I get excelleration and the car runs, though it does run sluggish and feels fuel strvations is there, but yes you can run the car without the o2 sensor especially in a Magna TR....

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โˆ™ 2015-07-15 18:34:09
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Q: Can an O2 sensor tps throttle switch prevent a car from starting?
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Will a bad O2 sensor or Tps throttle switch prevent a car from starting?

No it will not. As a matter of fact, the O2 sensor is actually being ignored when you start the car, until it goes into closed loop mode. O2, no. TPS, possible.

What is the difference between a throttle position sensor and a throttle position switch?

A TPS is a variable resistor that tells the engine computer the absolute throttle opening percentage. A switch tells the system when the throttle is wide open for enrichment purposes.

Where is the Throttle sensor on a 2001 Dodge Caravan?

The TPS (throttle position switch) is attached directly accross from where the throttle cable attaches to the throttle body. It is held on with 2 torx type screws.

What are common fixes to a po121 code on a 2001 jeep Cherokee?

P0121 - Throttle Pedal Sensor Switch "A" Circuit Range/Performance. Most common fix is to replace the Throttle position sensor.

Can anyone tell you why you may briefly get a check engine light when starting up The computer code says throttle positon switch but this has now been changed and it still does it?

I had the same problem, so I changed the throttle position sensor and the camshaft sensor as worked for me, hope it works for you too. also change the map sensor that was the reason the light was on

Why is there no throttle response when the check engine light comes on?

My friend is having the same problem. After some research, I've come down to it being related to the idle switch on the pedal assembly. The switch is there because your throttle is electronically controlled and the switch is a canceller. If you release the throttle but the throttle position sensor is messed up and saying that there is a throttle input the truck will try to keep revving. So the idle switch cancels any signal that is being put out by the throttle position sensor. If the Idle switch sticks, it will cancel out your input into the throttle pedal. So when you want to go, the idle switch thinks that your still in idle mode. In a nut shell, people are saying that you need to replace the throttle pedal assembly. It's relatively easy, kind of expensive though. About $220.

Can you show a picture where the throttle positions sensor switch it on a jeep liberty located?

No, I cannot show a picture.

What should you do if you have trouble code P2125 for your 2003 Hyundai Santa Fe?

Trouble code P2125 means: Throttle/Pedal Position Sensor/Switch ""E"" Circuit I would replace the throttle position sensor

Where is throttle position sensor on clio 1.2 16v 2001?

hi i have a clio 1.2 2001 and have a fault code p0225 throttle/ pedal position sensor switch c circuit. i have changed the throttle pedel and has made no diffrence the vehicle still wont rev up but cant find the throttle position sensor under the bonnet please can you tell me were it is located. thank you.

Where is throttle pedal position switch b on your 2000 Saturn sl 2?

The throttle position sensor is on the throttle body. That's the part of the engine that controls the amount of air allowed into the engine. To find the throttle body, follow the air intake routing toward the engine. The throttle body is the part that sits on the intake manifold. To find the throttle position sensor, follow the throttle cable to the throttle body. If it helps, have someone press down and release the throttle pedal while you're looking for the throttle body/position sensor. The throttle cable causes a shaft to turn, that's the part that controls the air coming into the engine. The throttle position sensor is connected to that shaft.

Why are you having starting problems with your 97 sunfire they said it was a throttle positioning sensor but you fixed it and still didn't work?

I read somewhere on the internet that there was a defect with the ingnition switch due to a recall and what they were doing was installing a relay switch. i dont know if that is it but that is what i read and heard.

Will brake switch control prevent a car from starting?

Not to my knowledge.

What do you repair for a P0120 code?

To repair the P0120 code you need replace the Throttle Position Sensor/Switch. You will find it located on the throttle body of the intake manifold in the engine compartment of your vehicle.

Where is the Throttle positioning sensor on a Kia Sorento?

Remove the engine shroud and locate your air intake on the left hand (passenger) side of the engine. Follow the intake to the point that it connects to the throttle body. Directly behind this connection between the throttle body and the firewall you will find the throttle position sensor. The electrical clip has a housing on it that needs to be removed before you can remove the switch. Remove the engine shroud and locate your air intake on the left hand (passenger) side of the engine. Follow the intake to the point that it connects to the throttle body. Directly behind this connection between the throttle body and the firewall you will find the throttle position sensor. The electrical clip has a housing on it that needs to be removed before you can remove the switch.

What is a throttle performance switch for an 87 corvette?

Basically, these throttle performance switches change the value that your throttle position sensor gives the ECU. This, in effect, leads your car's computer to believe that it is reaching wide open throttle sooner. How can you do this without buying a throttle performance switch? Just put your foot to the floor faster! No matter what the manufacturer might claim, your car won't make any more power than it did before you installed the switch, you'll just feel it sooner.

Would the ignition switch prevent the 2006 pt cruiser from starting?

It is a possibility.

What does a throttle switch on a 350 banshee do?

The switch is to limit the engine RPM if the throttle sticks wide open.

Where is the oil pressure sensor on a 2006 impala ss?

It is to the left and slightly down of your throttle body. Follow your air filter box all the way to the throttle body and to the left of that on the block is the sensor you can not miss it their is wire clipped on top of it. If you unclasp that wire you will see three prongs and that is your sensor/switch. Very easy to replace.

What is a code 51 in tercel 1991 and how fix it?

code 51 is a switch condition signal diagnosis no IDL signal or A/C signal to the ecm when the test connector E1 and TE1 are connected probable cause A/C switch or circuit A/C amplifier neutral start switch (A/T) throttle position sensor throttle position sensor circuit to fix i am not sure what one is wrong but i gave you what it is by my code book

Will a faulty neutral switch prevent a vihicle from starting?

Yes. It's designed to prevent cranking while the vehicle is in gear.

What makes a 2000 Toyota Tacoma be accelerated when turn on?

Electronic choke. It is the air temp sensor just upstream of the air box sending info to the throttle body in conjunction with the antifreeze temp sensor, located on the rear of the block near the firewall, telling the throttle body to increase fuel via a vacuum switch beside the throttle cable on the front side of the throttle body. I think. Maybe. Who knows.

Where is the throttle position switch on a 1993 Mercury Tracer?

Under the hood, find the area where the accelerator and transmission cables meet on the circular device near the intake. On the other side of that device should be the throttle position sensor.

Whats causes the Trouble code P0122 on 2001 firebird 3.8 V6?

Throttle position or pedal position sensor/switch circuit, low input

What does trouble code p2122 on a 08 impala?

Trouble code P2122 means: Throttle/pedal position sensor/switch "D" circuit low input

Why does 1992 Nissan maxima surge while driving and die while driving?

Your throttle valve switch (position sensor) is bad and need to be replaced.....this is located on the side of the throttle chamber. You can get this from Advance Auto for $60 and is easy to replace...