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Can an abscessed tooth cause numbness in the face and a watery eye?


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2015-07-15 20:52:16
2015-07-15 20:52:16

It is possible. It does depend on the location of the absess. Fluid building up can pinch or compress nerves. The watery eye can be caused by a pinched nerve as well.

See a dentist or doctor as soon as possible.

you can normally know when you have an abscess because of the unbearable pain


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Yes, abcessed tooth cause heart problem.

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Definitely - specifically and upper wisdom tooth. Often the roots of wisdom teeth run into the sinus cavity and even some of the upper molars. If the tooth is abscessed and infected, it can cause serious problems. Infections in the mouth runs two ways, to the heart or to the brain. Always, get an abscessed tooth treated immediately.

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Good question. Ask your psychiatrist, then your dentist, and compare.

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If there is redness around the tooth and or swelling.

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