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Yes it can. You should make an appointment with a doctor that specialises in the reproductive organs to see if they can help you:)


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In my many years as an agent, I have never seen a company that will pay your claim if you never had insurance. It is not in a companies best interest to pay a lot of money out when they weren't insuring a vehicle at the time. You will most likely not lose your license for just that infraction.

no because they can't lose intrest.

If the accident is bad enough, you might lose your baby. You should get a medical check-up.

The purpose of insurance is to pay you when you lose something, to help you recover from that loss. For example, if your house burns down, fire insurance can pay for a new house. Or car insurance will pay for a new car if you get into an accident. The term "insurable interest" refers to the thing you are worried about losing, the car or the house. You can't get insurance in cases where you have no insurable interest. For example, I can't get car insurance on my neighbor's car. If they have an accident, I didn't lose anything, so why should I get an insurance payout? Letting people have insurance when they have no insurable interest causes problems, for example intentionally damaging their neighbor's car.

He was in a car accident.

you lose conciousness. if the accident is severe you may lose a specific function

She didn't CHOOSE to lose the necklace. It was an accident.

You probably erased the songs by accident

Americans lose interest in reconstruction in the laste 1870s because conservatives had regained control the south.

Animals lose water because they pee out all of the fluid.

A cricket can lose a leg from an accident, such as escaping from a predator. They can also lose a leg from disease.

The pepsi commerical accident :( and Lupus :(

lose the national finance and Human.

It depends on what kind of woman are you! eg. A pornstar maybe, A sex addict (But they have a possibility to lose their interest)

Post maturity is the commonest cause by which you loose your amniotic fluid.

Pancreatic cancer, chronic pancreatitis or trauma (such as a car accident) are the most common ways to lose your pancreas.

Political parties can lose potential voters if an interest group has similar ideas as the political parties. ex: if an interest group has the same principles as the republican party, then during the election the republican party can lose votes to that interest group

Spinal fluid leaks can be caused by punctures or disease in the spinal cord.

Yes, depending on the impact of the accident, it's possible to break your jaw and lose several to many teeth. If you do lose a tooth, make sure to go to the hospital right away and tell your insurance company of any bodily harm.

If they know about the accident, there should be a claim involved so it could.

Don't drive. If you are stopped or have an accident you can lose your car and your license.

He lost it in a moterbike accident in 1986

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