Can an albatross bird fly while sleeping?

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yes, it apparently dozes while cruising at 25 mph.
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Why can birds fly?

Birds can fly because they have wings, and also because they have hollow bones. Humans can't fly because we don't have hollow bones or wings! . Because a Birds bones are hollow my science teacher also calls there bones spongy because they look like that from the inside. And since there bones are ( Full Answer )

Where do birds sleep?

Depending on the bird they nest wherever they can get warm. Often in cavities of a tree, or thick brush. There feathers are very insulated and they cover the bare areas by nestling into the feathers.

How do birds sleep?

before my rainbow lorikeet goes to sleep he goes through these 4 steps: . 1 first he opens his right wing horizontally stretches his right leg, he then dose the same with his left wing and left leg. . 2 he then opens his top part of his beak[ the part he breaks [bankser flowers with] and then his ( Full Answer )

How far can the Albatross fly at one time?

The question has no simple answer because it it is imprecise.. They feed by taking food from the surface of the sea or by diving and may not touch land for years when immature, but they have to feed and to do that they have to stop flying.

Where do flys sleep?

Flies don't sleep, but rest at spots that they are able to perch onat night. They are not able to see in the dark, therefore, theydon't fly around as they do during the daylight hours.

Which bird does not fly?

a peguin is one of the many birds that do not fly there is also emu and a ostridge that dose not fly

Can a bird lay eggs while it is flying?

Well they lay about 8-40 eggs Yes - I think they can. One laid an egg from a great height on our car windscreen this evening as it flew over.

Can an albatross sleep while it flies?

yes it can. the albatross can flap its wings ONCE, and can glide for over 2 hours. it has the ability to lock its wings, and so the albatross enjoys nap while gliding. this bird is known to cross oceans for the hell of it, with some stats saying "fly around the world in 46 days".

Which birds can not fly?

Penguins, Ostriches. Chickens have been known to talk big leaps but no flying for them either.

Do birds like to fly while it's raining?

no they do not they hate, there eyes burn from the water and also the water weighs them down and there feathers get damp so no .

Why dont birds bump into each other while they are flying?

Birds as a Specie have compared to humans incredibly fast reflexes. So as it appears two are going to collide they actually know perfectly well of what is happening and have plenty of time to turn away from each other :)

How far do albatross fly?

They can fly fom Antarctica to Brazil within 500 miles. They fly to Brazil in search of squid for their young.

What was the albatross?

The albatross is a large sea bird.. The mariner killed one in T he Rime of the Ancient Mariner by Coleridge and brought disaster on his boat and crewmates.. The poem is a plea to mankind to respect nature and not, like Sarah Palin and her like, to go round shooting the wild creatures.

How can we fly with the birds?

grow wing and then go to KFC and get some chicken feathers and some tar and go to the highest building and jump of and flap your arms like a little kid getting raped by Michael Jackson who is getting hunted by the Olive Warrior

Why do birds have to fly?

Because if they didn't fly they would have to walk Because its too far to walk when migrating.

Why do birds not cast their shadows while flying high in the sky?

Birds flying up in the sky do not cast their shadow because the source of light (sun) is too large compared to the object (bird) and the umbra of the shadow formed on the screen (ground) is very small, negligible.So it is tough to see its shadow on the ground. (P.S. If this is a VNS student readin ( Full Answer )

Why do birds fly and we can not?

birds are lighter while we are heavier. they have feathers designed for flight, we have legs designed for walking. and im some cases like the owl their bones are hollow so they are much more lighter while ours are not.

Can a swift bird sleep when it flys?

Yes, a swift bird can sleep when it flies. This bird can fly forsix months at a time without landing and often sleeps in flight.During sleep, the bird adjusts flight automatically in order tomaintain height and speed with the wind.

How long can an albatross fly for?

365 days - sleep occurs while drifting on the north Atlantic currents. Breeding occurs midflight and is extremely satisfying.

Can birds lay eggs while flying?

Birds cannot lay eggs while flying, because the amount of energy needed to expend to lay and egg would require the bird to stop flying and land. Plus, the bird's internal instincts would make itself land just about anywhere that doesn't hurt them, e.g., backyards, tree branches, etc. Their instincts ( Full Answer )

If birds die while flying will they fall on your head?

From watching some old films that birds get shot in by a hunter. It looks like they tend to land on the ground with their feet up and their wings arched. But just in case, wear a crash helmet, if anyone is firing guns at birds. They might one day get their revenge. Remember the Greek poet who got ki ( Full Answer )

What other letter do birds forming while flying?

Depending on what species, I have seen these shapes; although there may be others: . 1.V . 2.B . 3.D . 4.W . 5.G . 6.S . 7.C . 8.A . 9.R . 10.O . 11.M . 12.Z . 13.X . 14.H . Interesting what you can see if you only look up...

Albatrosses can fly faster than buzzards?

Albatrosses have the ability to fly quickly and for great distancesover the water. They can in fact fly faster than buzzards and forlonger distances.

What birds sleep flying?

Our best candidate for a bird that sleeps while flying is the Laysan Albatross, which dwells above northern oceans such as the Bering Sea.

Can birds die while flying?

Yes. In recent years many birds in the United States have contacted a disease called the West Nile Virus and when they get this they often die while flying. Here, in CA, we have been instructed that if we find a dead bird we have a phone number to call so they can pick it up to be tested for the Wes ( Full Answer )

How long can an albatross fly non stop for?

these seabirds can soar for as long as the wind will blow or at least until it gets there or smells dinner on the way (doesn't sight food). sorry it's not your answer but its distance, not time that is its strongpoint. people think that they sleep while soaring and they can catch a jet stream and go ( Full Answer )

Does a albatross bird live on an island?

Because...... many birds live their and theirs not as many rats and ferral cats that can eat their little baby eggs. With rats and cats earing the baby eggs it causes a less population of these little birds

If a fly can fly can a bird bird?

haha funny... i think they're called homonyms. bird is not a verb, it is only as noun but fly and fly are both a noun and a verb.

Is the albatross an Australian bird?

albatross frequent the islands and seas to the south of Australia but they are not only in Australia they are birds of the oceans

What bird can sleep while it is flying?

The Swift spends most of its time on the wing; it rarely ever lands, and when it does it prefers to perch on vertical surfaces. A Swift does everything on the wing, including sleeping. Albatross also sleep while gliding over the sea, opting to sleep while flying than landing on the water where th ( Full Answer )

How do birds get to sleep?

They find a safe spot to perch, wrap their little claws tightly around it, and close their eyes. Birds are light sleepers.

What can an albatross do when it flies that most birds can not do?

Albatross have high glide ratios, around 22:1 to 23:1, meaning that for every metre they drop, they can travel forward 22 metres. [2] They are aided in soaring by a shoulder-lock, a sheet of tendon that locks the wing when fully extended, allowing the wing to be kept outstretched without any muscle ( Full Answer )

Why is it that a bird can fly?

It has hollow bones to let it be lighter, streamlined body shape to reduce air resistance and strong muscles to flap their wings.

How do you get your bird to fly?

How you get your bird to fly is that you leave your bird outside and your bird would feel the breeze. When your bird starts to feel the breeze, it will take off into the sky. Remember, NEVER make your bird fly when it's raining outside. Make sure that there isn't a sprinkle of rain anywhere.

Why albatrosses are called gooney birds?

Because of their grace in the air but absolute clumsiness on the ground. They frequently fall on their face when landing. In their nesting areas, they are a great joy to watch.

How long can an albatross fly for without stopping?

An Albatross can fly for a year without stopping. The Albatross has the largest wingspan of any bird. because of its huge wings, the albatross can glide for months on ocean winds without landing. This giant bird soars through the air at about 25 miles per hour (40kph). It can even sleep while flyin ( Full Answer )

Why is the bird in the idiom an albatross instead of another bird?

It is a line from a poem. A sailor killed an albatross, which was abird sailors considered a lucky omen, so the other sailors made himwear it around his neck as punishment. This came to mean anythingyou've done that hinders your future.