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yes, it apparently dozes while cruising at 25 mph.

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Q: Can an albatross bird fly while sleeping?
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Related questions

What bird can fly while sleeping?

An Albatross apparently dozes while cruisig at 25 mph.

Can an Albatross fly while sleeping?

No, but they can glide

Which Australian bird has the biggest wing span?

the albatross is the bird with the largest wingspan in the entire world. another amazing thing about it is it can fly while sleeping. for more on this amazing bird, visit for more information. jordan

What bird can fly and sleep at the same time?

The Albatross and the Swift both sleep while flying.Albatross

What bird can fly while it is sleeping?


What bird can fly the longest?


How long can an albatross fly for without stopping?

An Albatross can fly for a year without stopping. The Albatross has the largest wingspan of any bird. because of its huge wings, the albatross can glide for months on ocean winds without landing. This giant bird soars through the air at about 25 miles per hour (40kph). It can even sleep while flying

What bird can fly for three years straight?


What is the largest bird that can fly?

The largest flying bird is the wandering albatross with a wingspan of 12ft.

What is the biggest bird that can fly bigger than the eagle?

An albatross

What can a wandering albatross do?

fly faster than any other bird.

What is the longest time it's taken a baby bird to fly?


Can an albatross sleep while it flies?

yes it can. the albatross can flap its wings ONCE, and can glide for over 2 hours. it has the ability to lock its wings, and so the albatross enjoys nap while gliding. this bird is known to cross oceans for the hell of it, with some stats saying "fly around the world in 46 days".

What A refers to a big wh ite heavy flying bird?

Albatross? That is a really large bird, and it can definitely fly. It is mostly white.

Can a bird fly across the ocean?

Yes. The Wandering Albatross can fly for thousands of miles. I think this is true of the Arctic Tern too....

9 letter word for a large web-footed sea bird that can fly long distances?


Do birds fly while sleeping?

No, they land before sleeping.

How fast can an Albatross fly?

How fast is an albatross

Do hummingbirds fly while sleeping?


What is the bird that flies the longest amount of time?

Albatross, The only time they land is to look after there young, until they're old enough to fly

Why a duck cannot fly but an albatross can fly?

Ducks can fly!

How fast do albatross fly?

I think they can fly pretty fast.

Is it a sign of good luck if a wild bird lands on your head?

The best-known avian omen is the albatross in the poem, "The Rhime of the Ancient Mariner" by Samuel Taylor Coleridge", The albatross is an enormous ocean-flying bird that can fly for miles and miles without landing and is considered a favorable omen among seafarers. In the poem, the ancient mariner kills the albatross that has been following the ship and it is beset with woe.... Clarification: The above mentioned belief is for a specific bird (the albatross) and it's being seen as a good omen when it "follows" ships. There is, to my knowledge, no omen connected with an unspecified wild bird actually landing on you. The good luck is in that you were lucky enough to be out in nature, and either still enough or patient enough for one of nature's creatures to land on you, otherwise, a bird landing on you is not an omen of any kind. SINCE wild birds do not generally land on humans, it is an attempt to draw your attention to the bird, which is trying to get you to think about it. Have seen this when spiritual people pass by. the "helper" birds will fly towards them. Often you will have an ancestral connection to this bird, or there is a spiritual message that is trying to reach you.

Can a Tristan albatross fly?


My bird can fly faster than any supersonic plan how can this be?

Take the bird onto a supersonic plane and, while the plane is in flight, have the bird fly around inside the plane.