Alligators and Crocodiles

Can an alligator snapping turtle kill humans?


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no but they can take your hand clean off!

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peoples kill Alligator snapping turtle for his skin and bones

No. A grizzly bear is way to powerful and big to be killed by a snapping turtle unless the turtle snapped the bear's throat. But the biggest animal that a snapping turtle can kill is an anaconda.

I think it is wrong to kill a snapping turtle so... I don't want to even think about it.

The snapping turtle will try to attack or kill the box turtle. Some times even eat the box turtle

Their worst enemy is humans who destroy their habitat and create roads that kill them. Next to that their eggs and hatchling snapping turtles are eaten by various types of animals from raccoons to herons. That said, adult snapping turtles really have no predators to fear.

Well, if a snapping turtle got its mouth on a cat's throat, then yes. *Shudder*

Yes, snapping turtles, which are aggressive predators, are often known to eat smaller turtles and also to fight similar sized turtles leading to lethal wounds.

You give it some food why else do you think it is trying to kill you.

no the snaping turtle is quite teritorial and will atack or kill other turtles

No. Though a bite from it may cause serious bleeding, especially if an appendage like a finger or toe is chomped off, it is not large enough to cause serious, fatal damage to a human being like a bite from a crocodile or alligator would.

is this a question of can they be killed or is it illegal to?.....just be aware of any state rules or laws regarding animals

Well it is usually humans. Sometimes, a trap will get them. Or maybe a bigger alligator will get in a fight and kill it.

If an alligator kills a person, the person will, of course, be mad and kill the alligator. there is no reason this should happen! It was probably the persons fault. If the alligator was never scared, It wouldn't have happened. I feel bad for the person who didn't have enough sense to leave the alligator alone.

Depends! It can't hurt you if you leave it alone. If you get too close to it's mouth it can bite you and that would hurt. However a snapping turtle has never been found that was armed with a gun or knife or any other weapon that could hurt you and there have never been any reports of snapping turtles kidnapping children or piloting an airplane into skyscrapers, or committing suicide bombings of any kind. However it is very easy to hurt a snapping turtle. You can run over it with a car, picking it up by the tail can hurt it, and polluting it's habitat will kill it.

Yes the snapper will grab the lag of the Bird and drop to the bottom of the lake and and the Bird will die.

Yes it can Only if the alligator was small or sick.

The best way to shoot a alligator is right behind the eyes. This will kill them right away.

yes i do believe bleach can kill a turtle

It depends on where the fight happens. On land the Lion is the superior opponent and can kill the alligator whereas in water the Alligator would win hands down. Depending on where the fight happens, either the lion or the alligator could kill one another.

Humans. People still kill gators, for the hides and for the meat in the tail, but the alligator in spite of this continues to thrive.

Yes, and the snake can also kill the alligator, or to be precise, caiman.Depending on what kind of snake cobra yes

Turtle never did kill Sam Westing.

Snapping turtles have sharp teeth that they use to kill their prey. They are very aggressive.

There are no predators of the chinese alligator in the yangtze river.

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