Atoms and Atomic Structure

Can an atom be made or destroyed?

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Yes. They can be made through either fusion or fission.

Through fusion, atoms with lower molecular numbers can combine to make one atom of a higher molecular number. This process occurs in stars when hydrogen is fused into helium.

In nuclear fission, an atom with a high molecular number, looses neutrons and protons to become an atom with a lower molecular number. It is said to be radioactive, and this happens naturally as uranium turns into lead. When it happens naturally the rate at which it goes through fission is called a half-life. When it is used in a nuclear reactor it can release energy as if undergoes fusion and produce a lot of energy over a long period of time.

When it is used in an atomic bomb, the fission undergoes a chain reaction where all the energy is released in a fraction of a second and creates a huge explosion.

When it is used in a nuclear bomb, an atom bomb explodes under nuclear fission and then triggers hydrogen to fuse into helium in a secondary explosion. This type of bomb releases even more energy.

So. Yes, atoms can be made and destroyed, in both cases huge amounts of energy are released in the process.

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What experimental evidence that the atoms are destructible?

If the atom is made out of destructible matter, it can be destroyed. This was proven with the double-slit experiment.

What can atom be destroyed by?

It has not been discovered yet

Who is hiro shima?

A city destroyed by an atom bomb.

What particle of an element cannot be created or destroyed?

the atom

When an atom becomes more positive?

its when the chemical bonds are destroyed

What city in japan that was destroyed by an atom bomb?

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What city got destroyed by a atomic bomb?

The Japanese cities Hiroshima and Nagasaki were destroyed by atom bombs at the end of WW2

What particle of an atom cannot be created nor destroyed?

No Particle of an atom cannot be created or destroyed.All the science inventions are made with the grace of God.With God's support research can improve more. If you ask scientist how they have invented,you will get the answer. Thank you

What 2 cities were destroyed by atom bombs in 1945?

Hiroshima and Nagasaki

Where are red blood cells made and destroyed?

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Why are atoms never created or destroyed during a chemical reaction?

they are never created of destroyed because the moelcule are just re-arranged to make a new make up of the atom not a whole new atom.

What is a atom made up with?

An atom is made of protons and neutrons

Can energy be made or destroyed?


The Nucleaus of an atom is made from what?

The nucleus of an atom is made of 'Protons' and 'Neutrons'. The nucleus of an atom is then surrounded by 'Electrons'.

Is Dalton's atomic theory correct that atom can't be made or destroyed?

as far as chemistry is concerned, yes. but the physics of the particles & forces of the atomic nucleus contradicts Dalton.

Who made the atom?

the ancient Greeks made the atom, but they had no proof after the discovery.

The relationship between subatomic particles and the atom?

The atom is made up of several subatomic particles.The atom is made up of several subatomic particles.The atom is made up of several subatomic particles.The atom is made up of several subatomic particles.

Is an atom made up of only one atom?

atom is made up of subatomic particles:proton,electron and neutron.

How is the atmosphere destroyed?

Atmosphere is destroyed by human made chemicals. These are CFC's.

Can energy be destroyed or made?


Which description best matches democritus's idea of the atom?

a particle that cannot be divided or destroyed

What is most of an atom made up of?

Most of an atom is made up of empty space

Is an atom made of several molecules bonded together?

An atom is made of one molecule.

What are atom made from?

A atom is a singular-celled organism so it cant be made out of anything.

What is an atom simply made up of?

An atom is made up of neutrons, electrons and protons.

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