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Q: Can an egg substitute completely serve as a replacement for all the properties of an egg?
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Eggs can be served as a substitute for?

You can serve eggs as a substitution for meat in a diet. Eggs contain protein that can be used as replacement for the protein you get in meat.

What is the function of trans fat?

To serve as a substitute for animal fats

Did queen hatshepsut serve as a substitute pharaoh for her son?

Yes, she did.

What is an example of substitute good?

Substitute goods are goods that can serve as replacements for one another; when the price of one increases, demand for the other increases. One may substitute tea for coffee. A perfect substitute is an identical product. One may substitute a Ford for a Toyota.

How many gaming properties worldwide does Park Place serve?

29 gaming properties

What was the purpose of a Royal Governor in the original colonies?

to serve as a substitute for the king

What was the purpose of royal governor in the original colonies?

to serve as a substitute for the king

What was the substitute system in the civil war?

The substitute system allowed persons who were drafted into military service to pay for a substitute to serve for them. This was perfectly legal. Noteworthy is the fact that later President Grover Cleveland did this.

What was the name of a boy that you could hire to serve you in the North during the Civil War?

Substitute ( :

How long does the replacement senator serve after Robert byrd dies?

the rest of his term.

In the North during the civil war a wealthy person could hire a boy what to serve for him?


What is the meaning of hospital management system?

this is completely for gods sector. do what you say, serve to gods creative equal for serve to god.

What is a replacement fuel pump for a 87 CRX SI?

There are several replacement options available for a 1987 Honda CRX SI. Remanufactured units and new replacement parts all serve as good units, many of which are available with warranties.

Do Chinese restaurants serve cat meat?

actually, there have been a few recent cases in the united states where there were Chinese restaurants serve cat meat in replacement of chicken.

Who did not serve the military during the civil war?

In the North - men of military age who could pay a substitute to take their place.

Who succeeds a congressman who cannot serve?

No one. The governor of the state appoints a replacement until the next election.

What can serve as a substitute for creole mustard?

6 tbsp Dijon mustard 1/2 tsp Worcestershire sauce dash Tabasco or hot sauce

What happens if you evades the service of a restraining order?

Not a good idea. If the individual trying to serve you was unable to do so the first time around it is unlikely that they will just give up. It is true that they have to serve you however there are many ways to serve an individual (home, work, substitute) and they will likely find a way or the court will allow them to serve you by mail or some other form.

Why did the union and the confederacy institute drafts?

the Union and Confederacy institute drafts because men 18-35 had to serve for 3 yrs, later 17-50, and if he couldnt afford it, he would have to hire a substitute, to serve for him. then later if a man had 20+ slaves, he did not have to serve. hope this helps ?

Can you perform an overhead set pass over the net from an opponent serve as long as the ball is not completely above the net when you strike it?

Yes, however you can not block or attack the serve at the net.

Who assumes the Vice-President's duties if he dies or can no longer serve?

The President appoints a replacement, who must be approved by both houses of Congress.

Is the house or senate appointed by the Governor?

No. However, If a senator dies or resigns the Governor appoints a replacement to serve until the next election.

Can artificial light serve just as well as sunlight to bring about photosynthesis?

"Just as well?" no. It is an adequate substitute, in some cases; but it falls short, most of the time.

Is Fanta a Coca-Cola product?

Yes. Fanta was created by the Coca-Cola company in 1942 to serve as a replacement for Coca-Cola in Germany.

What purposes does hormone replacement therapy serve?

preventive treatment against osteoporosis and heart disease; and relief of physical symptoms associated with menopause.