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A scorpions venom has no effect on the scorpion or any other scorpion of the same family. However, if the venom is injected directly into the scorpions nerve ganglion(which would be quite an unlikely event outside the laboratory) , the the intoxins in the venom will come into play, and could possibly kill the scorpion within minutes.

2nd answer : Yes, any scorpion can kill another one (same species or not) A scorpion is immune to ITS OWN venom except if it is injected directly in its nervous ganglion and is not immune to the venom of other scorps. (same species or not). They can as well be killed by crushing and dismembering. Emps are said to be the most social scorpions but from time to time they will munch on each other due to dominance, size, overcrowding...

They are predators.


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Can you die for a sting from a emperor scorpion?

yes! an Emperor Scorpion sting Can kill you depending on how long its poison glands penetrate on your skin.

Will an Emperor scorpion female accept baby scorpions from another mother scorpion?


Can Emperor scorpion kill themselves with their own venom?


When was Emperor scorpion created?

Emperor scorpion was created in 1842.

What are facts about the emperor scorpion?

Where dose the emperor scorpion come (origanate) from ?

What is the largest scorpion?

I think it is the Emperor scorpion.

What is the best scorpion for a pet?

its probably an emperor scorpion or a rainforest scorpion

Emperor scorpion can they eat their own?

Emperor scorpion could eat their own if it gets too hot. Its a good idea to give it some water shelter. It could also kill its babies if they do not leave from their moms

Where is the emperor scorpion on the food chain?

in the food chain the emperor scorpion is up your but and around the corner!!!

What is a Emperor scorpion called when a baby?

prince scorpion

What does an emperor scorpion look like?

Like a scorpion.

Where is the black emperor scorpion found?

The black emperor scorpion is found in native rainforests and savannas in West Africa

What is the world's largest scorpion?


Is an emperor scorpion an aracnid?


How does an Emperor scorpion get oxygen?

They breathe

What color is the emperor scorpion?


What is the family of an emperor scorpion?


Can a emperor scorpion and a Arizona bark scorpion live together?

Yes, because the Arizona Bark Scorpion is the only scorpion that can be kept with others.

Can a scorpion kill an eagle?

deppending on the scorpion! But yes

How does the emperor scorpion catch its prey?

Emperor scorpions primarily use their claws to capture and rend their prey. it is rare for an emperor scorpion to stingit's prey, unless the prey struggles a lot.

What is the population of the emperor scorpion?

butt cheese

How do you know if your emperor scorpion is hibernating?

Tap it

Can your rose hair tarantula and emperor scorpion live in the same cage or will they fight and kill each other?

No they will fight and you'll lose a tarantula :(

Are black scorpions poisonous?

All scorpions have venom. There are different types of black scorpions like the emperor scorpion and the Asian forest scorpion. But no, theyre not. If youre alleric to their sting though, it could kill ya.

Can a scorpion kill another scorpion?

Yes in fact male Scorpions kill other males to attract a mate.they will kill each other with its own venomThey can't kill each other with venom, as all scorpions are immune to their and other scorpion venom. They sting each other to death.Yes. They actoually eat each other

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