Scorpions are characterized by large claws and an erect tail which can be venomous. Ask questions about this arthropod here.

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Do arachnids have male reproductive organs?

Yes, though none have a penis. In general sperm is produced in the genitalia at the underside of the abdomen, and the male arachnid transfers that to his pedipalps (in the case of spiders at least); pedipalps are the frontmost pair of appendages next to the mouthparts. Later, he inserts his pedipalps into the female's genitalia on her underside and mates this way.

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Do sea scorpions exist?

Sorry, but while sea scorpions used to exist, they are now extinct. They lived about 390 million years ago.


What genus family does scorpion belong to?

This cannot be answered as different kinds of scorpion belong to different families and genera. However, all scorpions belong to the order:Scorpiones.

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How long does scorpion weed rash last?

It lasts a week to ten days. It itches worse than poison oak. Hydrocortison creme is the best I've found so far.oh and lick my vigina.


Do scorpions eat ants?

yes they do eat ants


How are scorpions harmful?

Scorpions have stingers in their tails, which inject venom. Very few scorpions are considered 'lethal' to a fully grown humans, roughly 25 species out of over 1700 in total, mostly all in the same family. With the other species, the venom is not generally strong enough to kill a healthy adult human, but a child, or the infirm, might be at risk.


Resolution of the house of the scorpion?



What external features make scorpions appear so menacing?

That large curved tail with the sting comes to mind. Then there are the claws which are rather large and menacing.


Are scorpions in the crustaceans group?

No, they are arachnids like spiders.


Why is a spider not considered an insect?

Insects have an exoskeleton, a three-part body (head, thorax, and abdomen), three pairs of jointed legs, compound eyes, and two antennae.

Spiders have eight legs, soft bodies.

Spiders belong to the class of arachnids which also includes scorpions, ticks and mites. None of these are actually classed as insects. Unlike insects they have eight legs, eight eyes in most cases, no wings,and only two, not three parts to their bodies.

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What is a quote that describe Maria in the House of the Scorpion?

"She had black hair and olive skin like Celia" (Farmer 9).

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Can a sting from a scorpion kill a human?

Yes, scorpion venoms are optimized for action upon other arthropods and therefore most scorpions are relatively harmless to humans; stings produce only local effects (such as pain, numbness or swelling). A few scorpion species, however, mostly in the family Buthidae, can be dangerous to the point of killing humans.

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Does a south African spitting scorpion needs a water?

Yes, if you have a pet spitting scorpion it requires a shallow water dish. However, scientists reckon that they can go months with drinking water due to the climate they live in.

I hope this answer helps you!

Los Angeles

Is there scorpions in LA California?

yes, their are scorpions in LA California

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Who are the characters in the book House of the Scorpion?

Characters for House of the Scorpion:

1. Matt- clone of El Patron and one of eight non- brain dead clones

2. Celia- Matts care-taker assined by El Patron because they were from the same village.

3 El Patron- the powerful drug lord that rules Opium

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Are scorpion and sub-zero brothers?


Subzero Was Slayn Bye Scorpion

Turning Him into Noob

But Noobs Brother Took His Place as The New Subzero Bound To Pureify

His Brothers Dark Soul... ( noob's Soul )

Noob = Subzero's Brother

So The Original Subzero is Now Noob The Subzero in #2 is His Brother

Wrong. Sub-Zero killed Scorpion, Scorpion comes back from hell to get revenge on Sub-Zero.

No youre wrong. The first guy was wright

wrong, im gay. the person who said Sub-Zero killed Scorpion, Scorpion comes back from hell to get revenge on Sub-Zero. your right because in MC vs DCU scorpion is the hell guy yea yea and he comes back to destroy sub-zero as in chapter `1 with lui kang scorpion say " NO you let him get away again~! now you will suffer my wrath.

Actually acorrding to the game there was a sub zero that killed scorpion then Quan chi ressurected him then scorpion killed sub zero. Then sub zeros brother noob became the new subzero which scorpion is currently trying to kill.


Are small brown scorpions common in Georgia?

Yes, from what I understand they are. They are called a Southern Devil. The bites is likened to a bee sting, but should be treated, especially if they bite a small child. I have recently found 2 in my home. They come in looking for moisture.


How is a lizard adapted to a desert?

Because a desert is an arid climate with intense heat that lizards need to survive. They are cold blooded and need the terrain they live in to regulate their body temperature rather than regulate it themselves like mammals. The fact that their skin is scaly and rough helps as well because with skin like that you do not lose any moisture like other creatures, so they can go long periods of time without water, not unlike the cactus with thorns and big hollow like leaves that trap water and hold moisture for extended periods of time because obviously in a desert is does not rain all that often.

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Is it true that people have been getting sick from glow in the dark tattoos because of the phosphorus?

People used to get sick from glow-in-the-dark tattoos, but I don't think they do anymore. In the early days of photoreactive tattoo ink, the ingredient that made the tattoo glow was called EverGlow. It was never intended for use in tattoo ink--it is intended to be used as an ingredient in road paint!

What they do now, is to encapsulate a biologically-safe pigment in little microspheres of teflon, which itself is biologically safe.

I don't go to enough discos to need a tattoo like that.

AnswerPeople can get sick from the chemicals used in the dye. You are injecting a foreign substance into your body. AnswerAny foreign substance injected into the body can cause a reaction. They "old-school" phospher-inks are not used anymore and we're never tested by the U.S.D.A. for human consumption, ie. tattooing.Currently, a new "safe" version of this ink is available, though I personally do not use it in any tattoos that I apply. AnswerI am unsure if you mean "Glow in the dark" or "blacklight reactive" tattoos. I have never even heard of a substance that can be safely put into the skin that contains a glowing element. Blacklight reactive is another matter. I have a blacklight reactive tattoo on my face and have had no side effects for over 6 years. I looked at the MSDS sheet for the B.R. ink and it contains nothing that would cause any ill side effects. Having said this be very careful about it due to the fact that not EVERYONE will use the same B.R. ink that was used on me.Former Tattoo Artist AnswerI too have a blacklight tattoo... have never had problems with it and I LOVE IT! AnswerI would think people can get sick because the chemical that makes an object glow-in-the-dark is actually RADIOACTIVE!

Do the scorpions mc get along with the outlaws mc?


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Can an emperor scorpion kill another emperor scorpion?

A scorpions venom has no effect on the scorpion or any other scorpion of the same family. However, if the venom is injected directly into the scorpions nerve ganglion(which would be quite an unlikely event outside the laboratory) , the the intoxins in the venom will come into play, and could possibly kill the scorpion within minutes.

2nd answer : Yes, any scorpion can kill another one (same species or not) A scorpion is immune to ITS OWN venom except if it is injected directly in its nervous ganglion and is not immune to the venom of other scorps. (same species or not). They can as well be killed by crushing and dismembering. Emps are said to be the most social scorpions but from time to time they will munch on each other due to dominance, size, overcrowding...

They are predators.


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Do baby wolf spiders bite?

Yes, they can bite from the moment they are born.

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What is the phrase 'I love you too much babe' when translated from English to Portuguese?

b) Babe, baby with the meaning of "darling" (a grown-up person):

Te amo demais, querido. (with reference to a man) OR

Te amo demais, querida. (with reference to a woman).

Te amo, demais, querido if your a Man

Te amo, demais, querido, if your a girl


Does the scorpion have a circulatory system?

yes, it has a open circulatory system, which is not contained within veins.


Do scorpions get hydrated by there prey?

Yes, they get most of their water through eating their preys but some scorpions like the Emperor will enjoy a regular drink and even a bath! Desert scorps on the other hand do not need water top up. I offer them water overnite every two or 3 months but get most of their needs from well hydrated crickets.



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