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You would have to sign the application, so I don't see how.

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Why is workers' compensation benefits necessary?

so that the employee doesn't have to sue the employer for medical benefits

Does compensation includes benefits?

In Georgia, Workers' Compensation benefits on an accepted claim cover INCOME and MEDICAL benefits. Those are covered by the WC insurance company. The availablity of other employer offered benefits depends on the employer.

Can an employer deny unemployment benefits if an employee is out due to medical reasons in Rhode Island?

An employer can't deny unemployment benefits; only your state's unemployment office and approve or deny unemployment benefits. It's up you state to determine if you are eligible to receive benefits.

Can an employer terminate medical benefits during a pregnancy?

It depends upon your Contract of Employment and local legislation.

Can your employer make you buy disability insurance?

Your employer should provide the minimum employee benefits, such as Medical, Dental & Life. You will pay additionally as a apart of the United States Government taxes, Social Security, Unemployment and Disability Benefits, which can also be shared by your employer. Additional employee benefits offered are Just that additional, and you can choose to Opt-Out of any additional benefits.

How could I start a health savings account and what are the benefits?

A health savings account can be started from your employer. The benefits include various tax savings when it comes to medical expenses.

How does one qualify for workers compensation benefits?

Worker's compensation benefits is an accidental insurance program that is paid by one's employer for medical, rehabilitation and income benefits if one gets injured accidentally at work.

What do the employee benefits consist of?

It depends on the employer and the size of the company.The benefits can include medical and dental insurance,life insurance,disability insurance,tuition reimbursement,flexible medical spending account,401k and paid vacation days.

Can your employer end your medical benefits the day you are terminated?

There are several factors to consider. A good source would be: http://www.cobrainsurance.com/COBRA_FAQ.htm

What happens to your medical insurance if you lose your job?

If you are covered by your employer and you leave your job or lose your job, your employer must offer you COBRA, which is a continuation of your medical benefits. Normally, you can stay on a COBRA plan for up to 36 months. Once you are no longer employed by your company, the medical benefits contributions will no longer apply, meaning you will have to pay the full cost of medical insurance yourself to the medical plan. The cost per month can vary, but will be clearly listed on your COBRA letter which outlines this service. You will receive your COBRA letter shortly after your last day of employment. If your employer has fewer then 20 employees, the US Labor Department will not enforce COBRA. If your employer does nothing, you are out of luck.

Can you collect unemployment for voluntary separation due to medical conditions in Washington state?

If you voluntarily quit because of a DISABLING med condition, you cannot get UI benefits because you are not able to work. If you quit because of a nondisabling medical condition, your employer will properly petition WA Employment Security to deny you benefits charged against the employer who was willing to keep you employed.

What are some advantages of fringe benefits?

The advantages of fringe benefits to the employer is that they can get away with paying you less and add in fringe benefits instead. The advantages to the employee is that they can add something special like a car, medical benefits, or vacation that make the job more desirable.

Will you receive disability benefits if you have a disability plan?

The disability has to be 'approved' by a panel of people, one or several of which could be medical doctors. Just because you or your employer have a 'plan' that includes disability payments doesn't mean that payments are automatically given for an injury. There is most likely a time limit imposed for such payments.

If there is an accident in the workplace will Labor and Industries pay for any medical attention needed?

If you get hurt because of your job your employer is required to pay workman's compensation benefits. Worker's compensation includes: medical care, temporary disability, permanent disability, vocational rehabilitation, and death benefits.

Can you collect unemployment on medical leave?

If you are on a leave from your employer you are not considered to be unemployed. To be eligible for benefits a person must be unemployed (separated from the employer). They must also be ABLE and AVAILABLE to seek and accept IMMEDIATE full time work. If you are on a medical leave you are still employed, you are probably not able to accept immediate work due to a medical condition, therefore not eligible.

What insurance benefits do veterinarians get?

This varies considerably depending upon the individual contract negotiated by each veterinarian with their employer. In the United States in private practice, this can range from no insurance benefits through their employer to full medical/dental/vision/prescription coverage, disability insurance, life insurance and professional liability insurance.

Can an employer require different waiting periods for medical coverage per class of employees?

Yes, an employer can require different waiting periods. Different levels of jobs may have different benefits which would require various waiting periods.

Does this drug have any medical benefits or uses?

Some drugs do in fact have medical benefits.

Age of medical consent in Washington state?

The age of medical consent in the state of Washington is 18. Most states consider 18 the age of majority for marriage and medical procedures.

Do employers have the right to file for fmla with out employees consent?

No one "files for" FMLA with some agency - it is a unilateral grant from the employer. Once the employer has enough info to know whether the employee qualifies or does not qualify for FMLA, the employer MUST issue a letter announcing whether it it granting or denying FMLA. EMployees need not request FMLA to get it, but must comply with employer demands for medical certification.

What is workmans compensation?

In Georgia Workers' Compensation insurance falls under the Workers' Compensation Act which defines the responsibility of the employer to provide prompt medical and disability benefits for injuries sustained on the job by workers. This is insurance that the employer, certain employers, are required to have. This insurance covers the employees who have injuries that result in partial or total incapacity or death. In return, the employer is shielded from tort liability for these injuries. In other words, an employee should receive income and medical benefits and the employer generally can't be sued for the injury. If you have been injured, contact your LOCAL Workers' Compensation Attorney.

Is it normal my employer provides 60 percent medical coverage?

Its upto the discretion of your employer how much medical coverage to be provided to you at the time of your employment and accepted by you.

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