Can an employer force an employee to drop group health insurance coverage because the employee is eligible for coverage through his spouse's plan?

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No. The employer cannot force you not to take the coverage. However, if you don't want you may have to sign a waiver.
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Can an employer force an employee to take the health insurance they are offered?

no, no employer can force you to sign up for medical benefits. If you are covered by a spouse, for example, there may be no need for you to sign up for your company's insurance program. It may be required for you to sign a waiver stating you are refusing the insurance offered by your employer. This ( Full Answer )

Is it legal to have your own health insurance through your employer as well as being on your spouse's employer's health insurance plan?

Yes, but check into them carefully first. Both me & my husband both have insurance coverage on us and our kids. I did not realize it but it is hurting us more than helping us at the moment. My insurance is not as good as my husbands and my birthdate falls earlier in the year. My husbands insuran ( Full Answer )

Is an employer responsible for continuing health insurance coverage if an employee is out on workers compensation claim?

I don't know anything in the Code that requires it. The EmployER application for Group Medical Coverage asks if an Employer would like to allow an employee to keep coverage for up to 6 months. What if the Employer is only paying a portion of the premium? The Employee would still have to pay his port ( Full Answer )

Can you drop out of your work insurance plan at any time if your spouse's new job offers you better coverage?

Check and make sure that your spouse's employer does not require you to keep your insurance first. My employer requires that if your spouse has insurance available through their work they must get it or they will drop them from their policy. Yes. The problems come not when you drop a plan, but when ( Full Answer )

Can an employer force you to keep insurance on dependent children if your ex has insurance on them but the insurance won't drop coverage unless there is a court order for the ex to cover them?

Answer . Your employer can not legally force you to insure anyone unless the employer is in possession of a court order that requires the employer to keep this coverage in place.. Answer . In going thru this issue before the HR department said that:. There needs to be a "qualifying event" ht ( Full Answer )

How can you protect your Health Insurance coverage if you become seriously ill and are unable to work for the small employer who provides the plan?

Federal and California COBRA basically provides that if you are no longer covered under a group health plan, you can keep the coverage for 18 (Federal) or 36 months (California) at 2 to 10% more than the employer was paying for you. This may or may not be less expensive than getting your own plan. S ( Full Answer )

If you lose your job and primary health insurance but are also covered through your spouse's group plan are you still eligible for COBRA?

That would depend on if your spouse's coverage is group or individual coverage. If it is group coverage offered by your spouse's employer then NO. Cobra regulations specifically say that you are not eligible if you have other employer sponsored group coverage with one exception. That is if the other ( Full Answer )

What is employer provided health insurance coverage?

It is exactly what it says. The EMPLOYER provides health insuance coverage if you desire to avail yourself of it. The employer MAY cover all of the cost, some of the cost or none of the cost. But, because you are part of a group insurance plan, the cost will generally be less than finding a policy o ( Full Answer )

What can you do if your health insurance plan denies coverage for doctor bill?

It depends on why the ins. co. denied the claim. Usually a simple call to the insurance company by the insured person is enough to get the insurance co to at least review the claim again. If the policy is part of a group plan through an employer, you might want your human resources department ( Full Answer )

What is the federal law requiring employers to permit employees to continue their group health insurance coverage after termination?

The Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act or COBRA is what you are referencing. It allows you to keep your group coverage for a specific period of time provided you pay the premiums. One very important point here that most people do not know. If you have a family that was covered on the gr ( Full Answer )

How can an employee drop the health insurance provided by the employer?

Answer . Under most circumstances you can drop coverage at open enrollment. You can check with your benefits administrator to see if there are any qualifying events that may allow you to drop earlier. Also, in some circumstances you can not drop coverage even if you want to. Here in CA if the emp ( Full Answer )

What is the bnefit of having health insurance coverage with my employer if my husbands insurance covers me?

To see if there is any benefit, you will need to compare the policy. There may be network issue such as having particular doctors. Also, deductible differs. Prescription drugs coverage also are different. The best thing to do is to sit down with your insurance agent and compare it. Even if he/she do ( Full Answer )

If you have insurance under hippaa and drop that insurance because your employer starts offering health insurance will you still qualify for hippaa coverage if you get laid off?

HIPAA is not insurance. HIPAA is the Heath Information Portability and Accountability Act passed by congress to protect persons Personal health Information (PHI).There is a clause in HIPAA that states you will receive a certificate of credible coverage for the months you had coverage to waive any pr ( Full Answer )

You have employer provided health insurance but want to put your child on another health insurance plan. Do not want to buy family coverage through employer insurance provider. Can you do that?

Sure. You are not "required" (at least not yet) to cover either yourself OR your dependents on your employer's plan at work. In fact, you can often get a more cost effective plan (i.e., cheaper or more "appropriate" for your actual needs) by going with an individual health plan for your dependents ( ( Full Answer )

Can an employee discontinue coverage under a section 125 plan?

Section 125 plans have an irrevocability rule which states that once an election has been made under a section 125 plan it cannot be revoked during the course of the plan year except for certain allowable events.. 1. Changes in status such as: • a change in legal marital status • a chang ( Full Answer )

Can you drop spouse's insurance coverage for a better deal between open enrollment periods?

At Open Enrollment (yours or his) you can make a switch to one or the other. Between those times, most plans will not allow you to make a change of coverage unless you have a life event (ie job loss, marriage, death). So if you want to drop your spouse's insurance during your open enrollment, you ( Full Answer )

Can an employer deny health insurance coverage to an employee's children if through divorce the employee does not list them as dependents on his tax return?

Absolutely not! This is not legal. They are your children regardless of "who's turn it is" to claim them on taxes. I advise you explain this to HR and tell them that if not covered, you will have a lawyer contact them. . NOTE: As this is a "legal" question I suggest you contact the Insurance commis ( Full Answer )

If an employer pays the premium on medical insurance and forces an employee to take that coverage is there anything the employee can do if they are covered under another plan?

Contact your human resource or personnel department people. If you have to self-pay for your health insurance coverage at your workplace you may be able to select not paying for it and decline the coverage. It depends on the insurance laws in your state and what is the policy at your workplace. If y ( Full Answer )

Is there a certain amount of health insurance for employers to offer employees?

There is currently no requirement for U.S. employers to offer a group health plan to its workers. In 2014, however, all employers who have 50 or more people will be required to offer a plan, or to offer "free choice vouchers" for employees to buy their own plan on an insurance exchange. When 2014 ( Full Answer )

Can an employer drop health insurance for its employees if it is voluntary?

"Voluntary" insurance programs, such as those offered by AFLAC and certain other companies, are actually individual insurance policies that are marketed at the workplace-frequently during a period of "open enrollment". The premiums are paid by the employee, although the employer sometimes deducts pr ( Full Answer )

What is certificate of group health plan coverage?

A group health plan is one in which the named insured of the policy is an entity or other conglomeration of people who are insome way related to each other by employment, interest, or in some other way. The policy is itself issued to that entity or group. Like other insurance policies, the group pol ( Full Answer )

Does an employee with existing group health insurance have to enroll into Medicare at age 65 buy a supplemental plan then drop the group health insurance?

You have a choice to stay in your employer's plan or join Medicare. When you do stop working and lose your group health plan, make sure you enroll in Medicare within 8 months. You could also enroll in Medicare Part A (hospital coverage), and postpone enrolling in Part B (physician coverage) until ( Full Answer )

What are health insurance coverage characteristics?

In general, health insurance covers the cost of medical or hospitalization care as a result of an illness or injury that occurs or is manifested while the policy is in force. Like other kinds of insurance, the benefits are payable in return for the insured paying a premium. A premium is the amount o ( Full Answer )

Where can you get a good health insurance coverage?

You can get good health insurance coverage on AARP, Humana One, and Aetna. The companies provide you dental, medical, pharmacy and life insurance. Prices are decent and you can be prepared when you are injured or dying.

Can a medical insurance company drop coverage for a group?

Yes. A group policy is not much different from an individual policy when it comes to cancellations. If the group misses payments or no longer meets the underwriting guidelines the policy can be cancelled or non renewed per local regulations and contract terms.

Can an employee drop their health insurance coverage when it isn't their open enrollment to join their spouses coverage at their spouses open enrollment?

You can but it is unwise because you need to know when you would be covered by the spouse's health plan. Some plans have 3 and 6 monthj waiting periods. So it is wise to keep your insurance, sign up on the spouse's insurance then later on after you have your new coverage in effect you could drop you ( Full Answer )

Why do group health insurance plans usually have better coverage and lower premiums than individuals plans?

Since group health insurance plans usually cover say 500 heads at a time, the Insurance Company has the option to offer lower premiums for economy,than charging for an individual policy. Whether group health insurance plans have better coverage is doubtful because claims are entertained on individua ( Full Answer )

Can an employer suspend health coverage if the employee pays part of premium?

No, an employer cannot suspend health coverage if the employee pays part of premium. as per Law.In case where the employer pays the entire premium, he can suspend health coverage on one pretext or other.But when the premium is equally shared by both the employer and employee, it would be a contractu ( Full Answer )

What month can you drop your health insurance coverage?

There are lots of reasons that dropping your health plan at anytime is unwise. But to answer your question: You can go for up tothree months without health insurance, and still not have to paythe penalty/ tax. You drop your health plan by stopping yourmonthly payments for it. If you are covered by a ( Full Answer )