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Medical insurance is an insurance against loss by bodily injury or illness. It covers doctor’s fee, hospital fee, medicine and other medical expenses. It may be purchased individually or on a group basis. It may also be provided universally by the government.

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How do you find out if someone has a life insurance policy on you?

While the first short answer is true and provides basic guidance, some of the points deserve more discussion. A life insurance policy is issued pursuant to an application. The application can be submitted by you (usually through an agent), or, if the proposed insured is a minor, by a parent. I gather from your question that you did not yourself apply, so a likely applicant may be one or both of your parents. If you can determine if they did apply for...
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What is considered a preexisting condition?

A pre-existing condition is a medical condition that existed before you obtained health insurance. It is significant because the insurer may not cover the pre-existing condition for the duration of the pre-existing condition period. The policy will provide for a stated time period within which it will not provide benefits for the condition. The pre-existing condition exclusion period varies by insurance company, and also by the State in which the policy is issued. Currently, State law regulates the terms and conditions of insurance policies....
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Does Blue Cross Blue Shield cover glasses?

Blue Cross/Blue Shield has many different plans and types of coverage. Yes, it will cover the cost of glasses, if this coverage is included in your plan. To get a specific answer , you would have to call either your plan administrator or Blue Cross directly to see if you are covered under your plan. ...
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Where can you get braces that wellcare covers?

It depends on what area you are in. Call wellcare and give them your zip code they will give you a few names and numbers in your area. You may have to travel to destinations that are far. If you are in the area of Georgia : Medical College of Georgia offer it but you have to be on a waiting list. ...
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What does the medical abbreviation UCR mean?

Usual, customary, and reasonable. Usual, Customary & Reasonable The fee that an insurance company establishes as a standard fee for a procedure. Check your insurance plan -- your insurance company will pay up to this amount for a particular procedure. It can mean different things in medical terminology and, typically, the context is needed to be sure that the acronym is correctly decoded in the situation at hand. Since this question was placed in the medical billing and coding category, I'd suggest that...
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Is US Health Group a scam?

It is not a Job bit an opportunity for you to give them money...they will buy leads with that money...then they will use the fresh leads and give you their old leads. You will sell a few on the scraps...then they will blame you for not doing well with no leads.....Left there and now I make 4K-6k a week. Doesn't this site use names? I registered with my real name. I've been with the company two years. I've been provided with...
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What is a variable copay?

== == According to one insurance company, the term "variable copay" has to do more with where services are rendered rather than by whom. Many doctors are able to practice at more than one hospital or more than one type of facility. The contracts each particular doctor has with each insurance company and with each facility affects the copay. Therefore the term "variable." Let me give an example to illustrate. Dr. Jones can practice at both Baptist and at Centennial Hospitals. If,...
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How do you make medicaid your primary insurance?

You don't. Because it is a form of public assistance, Medicaid is always the payor of last resort. ...
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Are life insurance benefits taxable.?

Death benefits are usually not subject to federal income tax. There are exceptions, though, such as, if the IRS deems your insurance policy to be an investment in disguise. Your insurance agent or accountant should be able to give you guidance. ...
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What decade did group health insurance begin?

The concept of health insurance was proposed in 1694 by Hugh the Elder Chamberlen from the Peter Chamberlen family. In the late 19th century, "accident insurance" began to be available. Health insurance was first offered in the United States by the Franklin Health Insurance Company of Massachusetts. This fim founded in 1850, offered insurance against injuries arising from railroad and steamboat accidents. By 1866, sixty organizations were offering accident insurance, but the industry consolidated rapidly soon thereafter. While there were earlier experiments, the...
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What does the ICD9 code 272.0 mean?

ICD 9 Cm Code 272.0 - Pure hypercholesterolemia Familial hypercholesterolemia Fredrickson Type IIa hyperlipoproteinemia Hyperbetalipoproteinemia Hyperlipidemia, Group A Low-density-lipoid-type [LDL] hyperlipoproteinemia pure hypercholesterolemia ...
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When you turn 65 must you take medicare?

Answer You can decline part B but part A is free so I can't imagine why you wouldn't take it ... In either case you'll have tons of trouble with your secondary....
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How much does ambulance service cost?

The total cost of the ambulance service will depend on the level of service provided according to the persons needs. A fee of 400$ is required for basic life support and this fee can increese depending on the mileage, the use of oxygen, EKG, IV and immobilization. ...
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Is premature birth a preexisting condition?

No, premature birth is not at all a preexisting condition. Premature birth becomes imminent when the doctor thinks the condition of both mother and child would be safe to allow premature birth. In this way it will not be considered as a preexisting condition while applying for Medical insurance. ...
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What is Benefit coding?

Process of converting the Healthcare Benefit coverage terms into computer understanble language to reduce the memory space and time and paper work. ...
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Who pays for group insurance?

"Group insurance" is to be distinguished from individual insurance. In that sense, a group policy provides coverage for multiple people (usually a fairly large group) who have an element of commonality defined by the risk-bearing entity (such as an insurer). The commonality might be the same employer, a union, a profession, or any one of a multitude of other factors that bind the participants together. The sponsor of the group may pay all or some of the premium for the coverage. However, it...
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Does Medicaid cover braces in Nebraska?

This will probably require prior approval, which will likely depend on whether the patient has the required Salzmann Index score. ...
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Do any insurance companies cover plastic surgery?

Cosmetic surgery is normally covered when it is necessary as an adjunct to medically necessary surgery or other procedures that are covered. For example, if, after an auto collision, one's face needed reconstructive surgery, cosmetic surgery to complete the reconstruction would normally be covered. ...
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How can you get your insurance provider to sign up doctors as in-network?

The "In-network Doctors" heading herein has some great tips on getting your doctor enrolled. In-network doctors I actually contract with Physicians for an insurance company and quite often I get requests to go recruit a particular doctor. First of all, there are Department of Health requirements which state there must be a participating doctor of each specialty within a certain mile radius of each zip code in each county in order to actually sell insurance into that county. I would check to see...
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How do you determine if you have a 'preexisting condition'?

== == According to BCBS, if you are still under a doctor's care for a condition and have not been released, it counts as a pre-existing condition. That is what I have found out during my search. What insurance company do you go through? Most places won't cover pre-existing conditions for 12 months! More accurately, look at the definition of pre-existing conditions in the policy disclousures. Typical language will say some like: any condition for which you received care or treatment for...
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Can you designate the primary and secondary insurance coverage yourself?

Primary and Secondary Coverage It may depend on your local regulations but typically which policy is primary is dictated by law and by the terms of your insuring contracts. The default is as follows. Exact Same coverages on both policies / Duplicate coverage The policy with the earliest effective date is Primary unless the second policy was intended to replace the first. Policies with different coverages. The Policy which has the broadest coverage will be considered primary. ___________________________________________________________ Designating Primary and Secondary Insurance Coverage Here are opinions and answers from Wiki...