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Can an iPod car charger charge an iPod touch?


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Yes it should only if the charger is for the iPod touch.

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Yes or buy a wall or car charger, but the white one is for the computer.

because it is build to charge in the car

Plug it into the computer with the USB cable that comes with you iPod, plug the USB cable to a AC adapter that can be plugged into an outlet so you can just charge your iPod without using a computer, or buy a car charger and hook it up to your car!

In the spot where you put cigarettes to light them.

A good car ipod accessory is the one that will allow you to play your music right on your car speakers. Another good one is the ipod car charger that will let you charge your ipod right in your car.

You can use an iPod charger to charge an iPhone. In fact, any 30 pin iPod/apple connector with a Male USB connector on the other end can be used to charge an iPhone if it can be connected to a power source such as a computer's USB port or a USB wall/car charger with a USB port.

Ether your car needs to be on or your charger is an old model. You may need to get a Scosche Charging Adapter. This allows you itouch/iPhone to be charge on older charging stations. Apple recently change the way they are change inside.

If you have an iPod that you use for extended periods of time, especially while in your car, then it may need to be charged every once in a while. The good news is you can charge your iPod directly from your car, making it both convenient and easy. With an iPod car battery charger, you no longer have to worry about whether or not your iPod has enough power to play your favorite downloaded music.

Amazon has what you need. Depending on what type of generation of iPod Nano you have, you will want to check whether the car charger is compatible with your iPod.

the battery probaly had somthing go bad or somthing apple charges bout 100$ for a new one and you have to send it away to them for about a month

In-car chargers wreck gadget batteries by the way. You could take it back or use a get a solar charger.

A trickle charger is a car battery charger that is designed to be left on a car for very long periods of time to re-charge that car battery by slowly adding charge to the battery.

You can . But it will be out of charge when the battery charge in finished .So either you have to plug it somewhere and charge or else you will need a car charger so that it is never out of charge . in my opinion having a car charger is much more convenient as you do not have to worry about charging it .

Yes, an iPod Touch is better than an RC car (in my opinion).

If it is an automatic charger let it charge until the charger shuts off.

Your iPod should still work in the car. The location of the iPod does not affect if it works or not.

240V household charger or 12V in car charger.

Depends on the amperage of the charger. A 10 amp charger will charge it in about 1 hour.

You can charge your Garmin Nuvi 265W via car charger or USB. Your device should have come with both (car charger & USB.)

Ipod car charger range from $13 to $35, depends on where you purchase it from. Walmart usually sells less. You can always wait until it goes on sale or with a discount.

yes you can, but first you need to purchase an ipod car adapter

No, you will ruin your batteries and charger.

sure, you can buy a battery charger that will charge any car battery.

It is perfectly fine to charge a power wheel battery with a car charger. It is imperative that you make sure the charger is set to the same voltage as the power wheels battery though.

One awesome IPod Touch/ IPhone app is Jelly Car.

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