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No, not legally.

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Q: Can an illegal alien get a work visa?
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Can an Illegal alien work with a tourist visa?


Does the illegal alien have to interview in her country for her visa?

Does the illegal alien have to interview in her country for her F-1 visa

What type of visa does an illegal alien have to have in order to legally work in the US if they are married to an alien with a green card?

A Big Hairy Vagina Visa!

How do i legalize my girlfriend who is an illegal alien?

A person can not legalize their girlfriend or boyfriend if they are an illegal alien. If the person is married to an illegal alien, they can file for a Visa from the INS.

Can a US citizen marry and illegal alien whose visa has expired in SF?

Yes, a US citizen can marry an illegal alien whose Visa has expired in San Francisco. The illegal will still have to renew their Visa to stay in the US.

Can an illegal immigrant with an expired visa work with an individual tax identification number?

NO, it is unlawful for the illegal alien to be present in the country. It is unlwaful for any employer to knowingly hire an illegal alien. The illegal alien should immediately leave the country if he/she wants to comply with the law.

Can you marry an illegal alien in America?

Yes, an American citizen can marry an illegal alien in America. The illegal alien can file for a Visa after marrying an American at the INS office.

Can you get a US visa if your husband is an illegal alien?

if you are from other country, No!

If you marry an illegal alien will they become a US citizen?

A person will not automatically become a US citizen as soon as soon as an illegal alien marries a citizen. The illegal alien will have to file for a VISA with the INS.

What is a person called who stays in the US after their visa is expired?

An illegal alien.

Can an illegal alien join the army with a tourist visa?

The U.S. Army? No.

How can illegal alien get married in Florida if he doesn't have a passport or visa or social?

Not officially.

Can an illegal alien who was convicted of a felony receive a visa?

An illegal person who has been convicted can't get a visa for life, but all depends what kind of felony he had committed

How would an illegal alien become legal?

Return to their home country and apply for a visa.

Can you work in Singapore if you are there on a Visitor's visa?

Of course not. You cannot work in Singapore with a visitor's visa. This would be illegal. You have to apply for a Singapore work visa.

Who do I contact if I want to withdraw my visa application for my illegal alien husband?

Immigration and Naturalization Services

What makes an illegal alien legal?

It depends on the laws of your country. In some places they can marry a citizen and then apply for citizenship. If the marriage is valid then they may get residency or citizenship.More Specific Answer:An illegal alien is a foreigner who lacks permission to be physically present in another country. For example, there are millions of illegal aliens who live and work in the United States, some of whom have been here for decades. What makes them illegal is that they do not have valid visas or work permits. An foreigner becomes an illegal alien by:Overstaying a visa or visa waiver (e.g., arriving as a tourist and not leaving after six months);Otherwise violating the terms of a visa (i.e., by working without a work permit, by entering on a student visa and failing to attend school, etc.);Entering the country surreptitiously and bypassing customs officials;Committing fraud or using a false identify or counterfeit documents.

Can an illegal alien living in the us apply for a renewed visa even though visa is expired?

Screw it, your best bet is to live off radar. "illegal" will soon be removed, problem solved.

Is there a process for a non-relative to sponsor an illegal alien?

The only way to sponsor a non-relative would be through a work visa if the sponsor owns a company (or have them come work for them - not easy).

Can a illegal immigrant marry a us citizen to get work visa?

Marrying merely for a visa is fraud. Moreover, there is no such thing as a work visa from a marriage. A work visa is available only through an employer.

Is it illegal for an immigrant with a visa stay in the US more than what their supposed to and have kids and work here?

It is illegal for an immigrant with a visa to stay in the U.S. more than what they are supposed to. It is not illegal to have kids or to work here, but it is illegal to hire that person.

How are Alien illegal and legal?

If you have permission by the government to enter the country (for visit, work, school, etc...) then you are a LEGAL alien If you DO NOT have permission by the government to enter the country, then you are an ILLEGAL alien

If your a us citizen and marry a illegal alien does he have to leave the country even though he entered with a visa?

If you are a US citizen and marry an illegal alien who entered the country with a valid VISA, he would not have to leave the country. You would have to have his status adjusted so he would no longer be in the US illegally, however.

What will happen if an alien with a waver visa marries a permanent resident in USA and then stays as an illegal?

The resident would need to wait until becoming a US citizen until filing for residency for the illegal alien spouse.

Can you get married to a US citizen if you are an illegal alien?

Your best option would be to leave the country, apply for a marriage visa, re-enter legally on the marriage visa and then get married.