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Yes you can! Go to the for help navigating the whole process.

If you want to go to college you can! Forget about what everyone else is telling you! There is a world-wide network of open universities that allow ANYONE to study for a college degree. For example, Athabasca University in Canada.

If you are trying to get into a local university you might have to slowly build your way to your goal. You could start by getting a GED and then building from there.

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Q: Can an illegal immigrant go to college?
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Illegal immigrant go to college?


Can an illegal immigrant go to college in the US?


Can an illegal immigrant play a sport in college?

They cannot because to play a sport in college you have to go to a college, which illegal immigrants cannot do.

Can illegal immigrant go to the hospital?

An illegal immigrant can go to a hospital for emergency medicine.

Can an illegal immigrant get some type of green card if she wants to go to college?

If her spelling is as atrocious as yours she shouldn't even go to COLLEGE. Not COLLAGE. COLLEGE. You can be a hooker, though :D

Can an illegal immigrant go to a culinary school?


How to marry an illegal immigrant in Greece?

To marry an illegal immigrant in Greece you can go to a local marriage office. However, this is not advised.

What colleges or university that allow illegal immigrant for college?

No colleges allow illegal immigrants to enrol in their school. Are you an illegal immagrint?

Can a Illegal Immigrant go to court and not get deported?


When the illegal immigrant will be deported?

The illegal immigrant will be deported when caught.

Does an illegal immigrant married to a citizens US have to go back to his country to get his green card?

does an illegal immigrant married to a citizens us have to go back to his country to get green card

If an illegal immigrant returns to u.s what happens?

# # they go to jail. and# THEY GO TO JAIL!

Can an illegal immigrant get legal if he has a kid born in the United States?

No, that just means that the child will be a US immigrant. The illegal immigrant will still be illegal.

How can an illegal immigrant return to Mexico?

There's no such thing as an ''illegal immigrant'', a human being can't be illegal.

Can you graduate college if you are illegal immigrant?

Yes, but you would still lack the legal right to work

Can you go to jail for marring an illegal immigrant?

umm no that's dumb

How many illegal immigrant go to jail in a year?

to many cabrones

If someone marries a illegal immigrant for money will they go to jail?

no no WHAT DO YOU THINK??!?!?!

Is it illegal to date an illegal immigrant?

Go ahead and date them, but they could leave when ever somebody finds out about them.

Can you still go to college even dough iam an illegal immigrant?

yes only if you have a paper to be in this country signed by youre government and the vcountry you want to go to colledge in government nname

Can an illegal immigrant file for unemployment?

No, an illegal immigrant cannot file. You must be a "legal" immigrant for any U.S. benefits.

Can a illegal immigrant move back to Mexico by car?

Yes a illegal immigrant can move back to Mexico by car because if they are illegal immigrant can. And they are not be force to go back to Mexico but it was their decision on going back by car. Even though they bought the car in the U.S they can still take the car with them because they bought it. Plus the illegal immigrants can stay in the U.S so they have to go.

How long do you have to stay married to a illegal immigrant?

Marriage is for life. It is illegal to marry an illegal immigrant to change their immigration status.

Marrying an illegal immigrant from Mexico?

Very difficult to do so; go to government site and find out about illegal marriages.

How do you marry an illegal immigrant state of Texas?

The same way you marry a non-illegal immigrant.

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