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Yes, an inability to anything you need to concentrate on is a symptom, No multitasking is a talent some people have it and some don't I certainly can't multitask and I do not have ADD and I know this because I lived with someone who had ADD. Not necessarily. The human brain isn't good at multitasking in the "common" sense of the word. Regardless of any claims made to the contrary. Neurologists are confirming (not finding - they've already found out) that the manner after which the brain functions makes it a "one-thing-at-a-time" kind of machine. What the brain is good at is switching from one task to another. This promotes the illusion that some people are good at multitasking. But, in truth, they really aren't doing "two things at once" as some might think.

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Q: Can an inability to handle multitasking be a symptom of adult ADD?
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