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Of course. The serpentine belt must be just tight enough, but not too tight, and it's VERY important to ensure that the belt was put on with the grooves facing the right direction; the groves should line up with those on the pulleys. Make sure that the tensioner has been tightened exactly the way it should be - there may be extra bolts on the opposite side that must be retightened... Each car is different, so check a Chilton's or Haynes manual for your particular make and model.

2006-08-17 19:53:03
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What would cause a 240 ford motor to overheat?

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Can replacing your hot water heater cause you to loose water pressure?

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Can damaged oil filter cause oil leak?

If the casing is spilt a filter will leak an incorrectly installed filter will also leak.

What would cause 1986 454 to backfire through the exhaust while idling?

Plug wires installed incorrectly. Click the link.

Can an improperly installed serpentine belt cause problems?

Yes it can. Even if you somehow managed to get it across all tension points if it is installed incorrectly it will come off eventually and something is not going to be turning or operating. There should be a diagram under the hood usually on the panel over the radiator or in your owners manual. Also any auto parts store should be able to show you a diagram.

Would a worn serpentine belt cause air conditioner to quit?

Yes a loose or badly worn belt will not drive the compressor correctly and then the belt will break

Can fuel filters and or fuel pump cause backfire?

No, backfire is usually caused by park plug wires that are installed incorrectly or an engine that is out of time. Fuel filter and pump will not cause backfire.

What would cause a oil filter to blow off a 1989 Honda accord?

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Can a fuel pump be installed incorrectly in a 2008 Hyundai Elantra to cause the gas gauge not read accurately?

No, you installing a fuel pump has nothing to do with the fuel gauge

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What can cause a head gasket to blow will not having the oil cap on or antifreeze in the radiator cause it?

Lots of things can cause a head gasket to fail, but the usual cause is engine overheating. Things like warped or cracked heads, incorrectly installed gaskets or heads, incorrectly torqued head bolts, torquing head bolts in the wrong sequence, are also common culprits. Not having the oil filler cap installed, while not a good idea, shouldn't result in head gasket failure. No antifreeze in the radiator (either just water filled or empty, not sure which your question meant), or not having the radiator cap installed, could definitely cause engine overheating, and therefore, a blown head gasket.

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Cracked head Cracked block Head gasket installed incorrectly

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What would cause a serpentine belt to come off?

Many things can cause a serpentine belt to come off. Most likely, it slipped off, or the tensonier that holds it in place was not tight enough.

If your serpentine belts breaks will it cause the car to shut off?


Would a worn serpentine belt cause your fuel not burn?

No, there is no connection.

What would cause my radio and my front panel light not to work on a 2001 Chevy Tracker?

a bad fuse wires bad connector to same in dash bad someone installed an alarm incorrectly damaging these wires, or useless remote start.

Is a 2003 Ford Windstar safe to drive if the cam position of the cmp sensor was installed incorrectly?

"safe to drive" - sure, this isn't going to cause the engine to blow up or break-down.Run poorly, sure, but not fatal to the mechanicals

Can a camshaft sensor and a crankshaft sensor for a 2002 Dodge Intrepid 3.5 not be insynce?

if your timing belt jumped one tooth or timing belt was installed incorrectly you will be out of sync also a defective timing belt tensioner will cause sync problems

Would a broken serpentine belt cause a power steering fluid leak?


What would cause the temperature gage and fan keep running after the car has been turned off also ac has quit working husband installed a new battery in your car?

the battery was hooked up incorrectly this was answered by Manager of Auto Zone

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