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No. The definition of 'acceleratiion' is 'any change in velocity'.


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No. An object traveling at a constant velocity is not accelerating.

When an object is not accelerating at all. It has constant velocity.

No, since acceleration is defined as a change in velocity. If there is no change, there is no acceleration.

An object with a constant (vector)velocity is not accelerating. An object with a constand (scalar)speed can actually be accelerating, a car with a constant speed that passes around a corner is changing direction and is subjected to a lateral acceleration.

Since acceleration involves a change in velocity, and object might be accelerating even though its speed is constant.

When a falling object stops accelerating but is falling at a constant velocity, it is called terminal velocity.

No. The definition of acceleration is the change in an object's velocity over time. Acceleration must then be zero since velocity remains constant.

No. The car is not accelerating if at constant velocity. Acceleration is the change in velocity with time.

if moving with constant velocity the only force to slow it down is kinetic friction; if it is accelerating velocity is not constant and an additional force is being applied.

It stops accelerating, and falls the rest of the way at constant speed.

Uniform velocity basically means that the velocity is constant. It means that the velocity of a give object never changes. Variable velocity means that a given object is either accelerating or decelerating.

acceleration is change in velocity.. and velocity constantly changes in circular motion, as the direction constantly changes. This constant change in velocity causes the object to accelerate.

Acceleration is the time rate of change of velocity. Velocity is a vector. It has a magnitude ( speed ) and a directio. If either the speed or the direction of motion changes the object is accelerating. Example; an object moving in a circle at constant speed is accelerating because its direction is continually changing.

Yes, it can. Initially, an object will be accelerating downward (with an acceleration equal to g - f, where f is the force of air resistance). During this period, mass is constant but velocity is continually increasing, so momentum increases as well. However, because f is dependent on v (the speed of the object relative to the air), at a certain velocity, the force of air resistance will equal gravity, and the object will stop accelerating (this velocity is known as "terminal" velocity). At this point, the object will fall with constant speed, and momentum will remain constant.

An object is accelerating if its speed or direction changes with time. Since speed and direction are the components of velocity, an object is accelerating if its velocity changes with time.

If you are traveling in a constant direction with constant speed there are no changes in velocity, so you are not accelerating.

When an object is at terminal velocity, the two forces due to gravity and drag are equal, so the object ceases accelerating. Its motion is constant and vertically downward.

An object with constant velocity has no acceleration.

The terminal velocity of a falling object is the constant speed where the force of gravity is equal to the force of drag. Then the forces cancel each other out. Essentially, terminal velocity is when the speed of a falling object is no longer changing. It isn't accelerating or slowing. It's constant.

Yes. If the velocity is increasing it is called (positively) accelerating and if the velocity is decreasing it is negatively accelerating also called decelerating.

Yes. Velocity is both speed and direction. A change in either one is acceleration.

Acceleration is a change in velocity over time. Velocity has both speed and direction. A body moving in circular motion at constant speed is still accelerating because its direction is constantly changing. If either speed or direction changes, or if both change, the body is accelerating.

An accelerating object is one that is changing in either speed or direction. Thus any object that is turning is accelerating while maintaining a constant speed.

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