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I think a body in uniform circular motion can have a constant speed, but variable velocity. Since this body is in circular motion, it changes it's direction. Thus having a variable velocity.

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What is the difference between constant velocity and variable velocity?

Constant velocity has speed always constant along the direction with respect to time. Variable velocity changes its speed with respect to time. Constant velocity has zero acceleration. Variable velocity has non-zero acceleration . An object moving at a constant velocity maintains both the same speed and direction. An object moving at a variable velocity can be changing speed or direction of travel or both.

Can an object have constant velocity and but variable speed?

No. Velocity has two parts, speed and direction A constant velocity means that both the speed and the direction must be constant. So a constant velocity must have a constant speed.

When can an object a constant speed but not a constant velocity?

Consider an object turning in a circle at a constant speed. Because velocity is not just the value of speed, but also the direction in which the object is moving, the velocity would not be constant.

For an object to be moving at a constant velocity is it necessary for it to be moving in a straight line?

Velocity is a vector quantity in which both magnitude and direction must be taken into consideration. For an object to have constant velocity, it is necessary that both the magnitude and the direction of the velocity must be constant. Even if either magnitude or direction is variable, velocity will not remain constant. On the other hand, speed remains constant if direction is changed and magnitude is kept constant, as speed is a scalar quantity.For an object to have constant velocity, it is necessary that the object move at a constant speed and not change course. That object must move in a straight line to have a constant velocity.

Can an object have a constant speed and velocity at the same time?

Yes. An object moving in a straight line at constant speed has constant velocity.

Can a body have a constant velocity but a varying speed?

No. Velocity is speed and direction. If you change either variable, the velocity will no longer be constant.

Can an objeact have constant speed and but variable velocity?

Speed is a scalar quantity while velocity is a vector quantity.It is possible that an object can have constant speed but if speed is constant while direction of motion is changing constantly then it means that body has variable velocity.An example of this phenomena is a body moving in a circle whose speed is constant but velocity is changing every instant due to change in direction at every instant.

Can an object have a varying speed if its velocity is constant?

No, velocity is a vector quantity and measures both speed and direction. If the velocity of an object is constant then that would also mean the speed would stay constant.

Can the speed of an object changes if there is constant velocity?

No, constant velocity implies constant speed. But velocity can change even when speed remains constant, since speed is a scalar quantity but velocity is a vector quantity.

Can an object have a varying speed it its velocity is constant?

No. Speed is the magnitude of the velocity. If either or both the speed and direction vary, the velocity is not constant.

Can an object have a constant spped and velocity at the same time?

Velocity is a vector quantity. That means it has direction and magnitude. Speed is a scalar quantity, it only has magnitude. It is possible to have constant speed and constant velocity but it is also possible to have constant speed but changing velocity if the object is changing direction.

Can object at constant speed can maintain constant velocity?

It can, but it won't always. In other words, if the speed is constant, the velocity may, or may not, be constant as well.

What is the condition in which a body moving with uniform speed has variable velocity?

Uniform circular motion. The speed is constant but the direction thus the velocity is variable.

Can an object have a varying speed even if its velocity is constant?

No. Velocity is the combination of speed and direction. If it is constant, then both the speed and direction are constant. On the other hand, velocity can vary even is speed is constant, since the direction can change.

Can an object have a changing velocity and constant speed?

Yes. A typical case is when an object moves at a constant speed in a circle.

Can an object traveling at constant velocity have acceleration why?

If a velocity or speed is constant there isn't an acceleration. This is because the acceleration is the change in speed or velocity and if it's constant then there sn't a change.

If an object is being accelerated can its velocity be constant?

No. Acceleration is any change of velocity.But its speed can be constant.

If the instantaneous velocity of an object remains constand can its instantaneous speed change?

No. Speed can remain constant when velocity changes, but velocity can't remain constant when speed changes.

Can an object have constant velocity and variable acceleration?

Answer #1:Yes. A simple case is that of an object moving in a circle at constant speed. Since the accelerationvector points to the center of the circle, the acceleration changes all the time.===================================Answer #2:No.-- If acceleration is variable, that means acceleration is not zero.-- If acceleration is not zero, that means that either speed or direction is changing.-- If speed or direction changes, then velocity is not constant.In the example of circular motion, described in Answer #1, the speed is constant, butthe velocity is not, since the direction of motion is constantly changing.

Can a body have constant velocity but have variable speed explain?

No. Speed is the magnitude of velocity. If the speed varies, so will the velocity, even if you are moving in a uniform direction.

What does it mean for an object to have constant velocity?

It means that the object moves in a straight line at a constant speed.

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