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Velocity is Speed in a given direction. Moving at constant velocity is equivalent to say moving with a constant speed in a specified direction. So, moving at constant velocity implicitly means moving with constant speed.

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Which term explains whether an object's velocity has increased or decreased over time

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Q: Moving at constant velocity is also moving with constant speed?
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If a car moves at constant speed also moving at constant velocity give an example?

A car moving at constant speed in a straight line is also moving at constant velocity.

If a car moves with constant speed does it also moves with constant velocity?

A car moving with a constant speed is moving with a constant velocity if and only if it is travelling along a straight line.

It is possible for a body to have acceleration when moving with costant velocity and constant speed?

constant velocity means no acceleration. An object can be moving at constant speed, like a satellite in orbit, but its velocity is changing because direction is changing

Can an object have a constant speed and velocity at the same time?

Yes. An object moving in a straight line at constant speed has constant velocity.

Can an object be accelerated if it is moving with constant speed velocity?


When the velocity of a moving object stays the same it has a what speed?


When the velocity of a moving object stays the same it has a speed's?


When the velocity of a moving object stays the same it has a speed?


Is the velocity of a horizontal moving object constant?

Only if the direction is constant and the speed is constant.

Can an object be moving at a constant speed and acceleration?

When the acceleration is at constant 0, then the velocity will be constant.

What is an example of an object moving at constant speed and constant velocity?

Photon or rather light

Consider a particle moving with constant speed such that its acceleration of constant magnitude is always perpendicular to its velocity?

Such a particle is moving in a circular path.

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